How to choose a hearing aid.What to look for when choosing a hearing aid

Hearing is one of the most important ways of perceiving information about the world for each person.Despite the division of people into visuals, and audialov kinestetikov, it is difficult to imagine how the world would be impoverished if any of them have taken away the ability to hear.Over the years, and sometimes as a result of the disease, unfortunately, it dulled hearing, which could result in the need to buy a special machine for its maintenance.How to choose the right hearing aid is discussed in this article.

Each person is different, respectively, before the acquisition of the device to improve the hearing should consult a specialist, competent in this area.You can help in a specialized center, which has a license for audiology, otolaryngology.Audiologist will be able to give a correct conclusion about the parameters of your ear using a special device - audiometer.

model hearing aid is selected by a special computer program in accordance with the doctor's opinion.Please note that the conclusion should not give ENT, namely audiologist.Plenty of time for diagnosis is not required, hearing analysis and selection device usually does not take more than 1.5 hours.

All devices for the correction of hearing divided into two categories: digital and analog.First convert the signals coming from the external environment to a digital code, making significantly improves the quality of sound perception.As for analog, most manufacturers phased out their production.Therefore, it is advised to buy a digital device, despite the fact that it is a bit expensive.

4 Next you need to decide - to use one or two machines.The latest version of the quality of hearing is certainly improving, but increase and financial costs.If strict medical prescriptions not, you can get by with a single instrument.

Wondering how to choose a hearing aid, many pay much attention to his appearance.There BTE, and in-the intracanal hearing aids.Recent least noticeable, but less powerful and require more maintenance.When choosing a location you must also take into account the opinion of the doctor.As for power, the instrument must not only meet your needs at the moment, but also to have its stock to the further hearing loss you do not have to buy a new hearing aid every year.

are the following basic characteristics that determines the quality of your hearing aid:
  • number of channels (a certain frequency ranges, allowing adjust the gain independently of each other);
  • compression system (allows you to configure the device so that capturing quieter sounds, do not feel discomfort from loud);
  • noise reduction system (responsible for speech intelligibility);
  • system microphones (ideally allows the user to control the orientation of the microphones).

In addition to these, there are other options that you can discuss with your specialist.

To find the right for a patient hearing aid audiologist will have to take into account many factors: how long ago began hearing loss, what causes it, how strongly manifests itself, the image of the patient's life, wishes for the appearance of the device and its cost, etc.Therefore, an unambiguous answer to the question "how to choose a hearing aid" - to find a competent expert, you are ready to trust your ears.And yet, do not resort to cheap hearing amplifiers, which are sold without a special certificate.They have nothing to do with hearing aids and can cause serious injury.