November 17, 2016 00:07

How to register for pregnancy .Accounting pregnancy

Once you've learned about the pregnancy, you need to be registered in the antenatal clinic.This is to ensure that in the delicate period the woman was under the supervision of experts, held a variety of procedures to monitor their health and development of the baby.

Russian law allows to apply for registration at the pregnancy in any woman's advice, subject to the availability of health policy.However, we must bear in mind that your "native" consultation, where you are always observed to be much better informed about your health, possible surgeries and other important nuances that you should definitely take into account the conduct of pregnancy.

Visit the institution will have to quite often, so, of course, must take into account its proximity to your home.Pregnant useful walks and is good if you can get to the consultation on foot, but do not overwork at too great a distance.

Besides local government agencies, and you can choose a private clinic, which specializes in the manage
ment of pregnancy and maternity classes.Learn all the conditions, prices and range of services.Be sure to ask is whether the cost of the package delivery of all kinds of tests, ultrasound studies and other procedures.If all you want - you can draw up a contract.

to be registered for pregnancy is recommended at the earliest timing.It is necessary for early detection of threats and pathologies and taking action to preserve the pregnancy.The state encourages women embarked on the record before the 12 weeks of a small amount (about 500 rubles), you get together with other payments from the state.

aware that any pregnant woman standing on the account in the consultation, is entitled to receive some free medicines and vitamins.You can get them right in the consultation or get a prescription from your doctor.Do not hesitate to remind your doctor of the Russian legislation.A list of drugs that are free put pregnant, look at us:

Drug List, laid to pregnant women free of charge.

Refer to medical facilities on time, do not forget about the policy.Without this document, you will have only emergency aid.Take care of yourself and your health!