November 19, 2016 00:14

Diet according to blood group .Weight loss on blood groups

In nature, there are four human blood groups.They depend on the particular characteristics of red blood cells.Some people believe that different blood types emerged at different stages in the evolution of mankind.Scientists from the United States, James D'Adamo and his son Peter, on this basis concluded that the menu and the people at that time was different.That is, an individual with a third group of blood can not be supplied as well as its ancestor with the first group.According to the ancestors, then everyone should eat as follows.

The oldest is considered the first blood group O (I).While our ancestors ate mostly meat, which readily extracted.Hard to digest foods, stomach more acid was formed.This type of people should give preference to meat dishes (except goose and pork), fish, vegetables, rye bread, sweet fruit.It does not eat cabbage, corn, wheat bread, cereal porridge, potatoes, pickles.Another prevent lose weight dairy products and eggs.

Group A (II) began when man learned to
cultivate the land and cultivate plants.To maintain the shape you need to eat vegetables, fruits, vegetable oil, low-fat fish, low-calorie cheese, cottage cheese, dairy products.Due to the low acidity of the stomach can not efficiently digest meat.Prohibited seafood, spices, ketchup.Representatives of this type is easier to adapt to different variations in diet and environment.

holders in the third (III) groups historically lived in India, China, the Himalayas.This group is the result of migration.On the way travelers could eat everything that comes handy.Therefore, in this case, a mixed diet: can be supported by meat and fish, dairy products and cereals.If the weight needs to be corrected, exclude corn, pork, seafood, wheat bread, peanuts, buckwheat and tomatoes.

fourth blood group AB (IV) relative to the young.It is formed by a combination of other blood groups (A and B).This category is not numerous, only 7-9% of the world population.Before the end is not yet understood, because all sorts of surprises are possible.There is a strict ban, but if there are problems with excess weight, try not to eat red meat, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, corn.Experiment and produces a variety of menus.

During any diet shown moderate exercise and avoiding sugar, ketchup and alcohol.

Diet for blood group long-term and not as monotonous as some others.To it is necessary to get used to wait until the body can not be reconstructed.Observe her best under the supervision of a dietitian, so as not to lose nutrients.