November 23, 2016 00:03

How to remove nits .How to treat pediculosis ( lice removed ) .The article tells about the methods necessary to fight the nits ( lice ) .

lice infected very easily.Sometimes it is enough to travel in a crowded bus, try on someone else's hat, or use someone else's comb.After that, you do not even know that back home not alone, but with the uninvited guests, which is called the head louse.

Most children infected with head lice.Lice move very quickly through his hair.Skip to the next head outstretched so well for them is not too difficult.The favorite habitat of lice - BTE and back of the head.The louse is able to for 2-3 days to live without a man.At this time, it can lurk in a school locker room or bed sheets, waiting for a new owner.

lice eggs called nits.Females are able to postpone 5-10 eggs a day.Nits are firmly glued to the hair.After 30 days, passed stages of development, they are ready to give new offspring.On dark hair nits are more visible than in the light.The adults die after hair treatment drugs or natural remedies.Nits are protected by a dense shell, struggle harder with them.

Pharmacies anti lice and
nits are presented as solutions, aerosols, shampoos and lotions.It Nittifor, Para-plus Pedilin, RID.Any drug that acts detrimental to the parasite, and is able to harm your health.Using medications, follow the instructions.Self-cure yourself is difficult for the reason that not enough skin and hair treatment preparations of the head.The second stage - combing and removal of lice and nits - is no less important.

the treatment of head lice in a child should be especially careful.Try not to be used to treat children chemicals that contain poisons.In addition to chemical agents, pharmacies are so-called mechanical.Such preparation is Paranit.In its composition contains essential oils that cover the parasite access to air.The drug should be sprayed on the hair, wait 15 min.Then you need to comb out comb each strand of hair to remove dead nits and lice larvae.Essential oils that are part of paronite, not only detrimental effect on the lice and nits, but also a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

One of the safest and most effective means is the hellebore water.Its solution is available over the counter or make yourself from the rhizomes of the plant hellebore.Water should be treated with infusion of hair over the entire length, starting from the roots.After 20 minutes, wash and comb the hair comb with a fine toothed.

Curious folk remedies to combat nits, eliminate kerosene.This barbaric method was used as an emergency measure when there was no other means.You can get poisoned pairs kerosene, damage the scalp and an unpleasant smell for a long time will follow you everywhere, even when there is no trace of him.Use cranberry juice is better.Scallop need to dip into the fresh juice and they comb out the nits.

Teach children to respect the rules of hygiene - do not use other people's combs, not to change clothes with her friends.This will reduce the risk of head lice disease.