November 23, 2016 00:03

How to treat kidney stones .How to get rid of kidney stones

Kidney disease - commonly known, common diseases of urology, consists in the deposition of stones in the kidney.As a result of sedentary lifestyle, lack of fluid in the body, poor eating habits and the presence of infections, it gives a lot of trouble a huge percentage of the population.The issue of the treatment of kidney stones are set on a daily basis hundreds, even thousands of people over the age of 16.This article lists some of the most popular ways to get rid of most of these rock formations.

Open surgery.Such a method for the treatment of this disease for hundreds of years.Unfortunately, many provincial doctors are forced to continue to use it due to the lack of necessary equipment for other methods of important tools and personal experience.This surgery has a lot of consequences, including internal bleeding, blood poisoning, death.And when you consider that nephrolithiasis is able to come back, it becomes clear: a second operation may be much riskier previous.

destruction of stones through a puncture in the lumbar spine.This option is a neat introduction nephroscope with LED in the cavity through the hole done by the minimum.Suitable only for those cases where the stone one, while others were found urological problems.Moreover, crushed and extracted stone can be any variety.Unlike the others, this method is quite secure and faithful.

laparoscopic, endoscopic surgery.Different from the traditional method of surgery less injuries and a shorter recovery period.In this embodiment, the tissue sections much neater and more insignificant, which in turn reduces the likelihood of unintended consequences.

Contact the destruction and removal of stones.It lies in the ureter through the introduction of a special apparatus, which penetrates directly to the stone, crushes it and contributes to easier and less painful removal.Used as a rule, such a technique where the stones are located in the bladder or urethra.

remote (non-contact) the destruction of stones.This includes crushing stones wave action with further breeding of fine particles in a natural way.Shock wave lithotripsy is considered the most humane way to get rid of kidney stones.It is widely used because it does not require any incisions, punctures and other damage to living tissue.But at the same lithotripsy has a definite list of contraindications and side effects.

Non-operational (medical) treatment.This method of getting rid of kidney stones recognized as the most safe and almost always effective.Considering that today provides Pharmaceuticals weight drugs in different cases, each patient may be required to find a drug in a sufficient amount.

Phytotherapy and nutritional therapy.Many doctors are of the view that kidney stones are due to malnutrition.Literate, well-balanced diet, elimination of harmful and prohibited products and streamlined diet can help get rid of the annoying ailment.In addition, there are separate charges of herbs or essences, use of which will enhance urine flow, relieve inflammation of the urinary tract walls to facilitate the process of dissolving the stones.

Nontraditional methods of treatment.They exist a great multitude.One of the most commonly used - treatment water treated by the magnetic field.Often, with the same aim of starting to strongly take cups of birch juice or eating watermelon in large amounts.Because these methods are recognized by folk assert their undisputed effectiveness is impossible.

Whatever it was, only a doctor can put such a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.You, in turn, should be as informed about these or other ways to get rid of kidney stones, in time to make the decision to consent to treatment or change specialist.