November 24, 2016 00:01

How can I see the husband of the binge .How to return her husband to sober lifestyle

fully understand what the way out of hard drinking, can only be a person who was in it.The rest of the look from the outside, trying to assess the situation and in every way to hook suffering human morals and reproaches.We assure you, this is not the most sensible way to bring a man to a sober lifestyle.In the period of acute alcohol intoxication disgusted with the whole world, what can we say about the obsessive notations from the lips of the people around them.There are much more humane ways to bring her husband or anyone else from the binge.

Before the final stop on the option "with their hands" (to refuse hospital treatment), carefully evaluate the state of a person in a drinking bout.If there is no withdrawal syndrome, the heart does not fail, exacerbation of chronic do not appear, and the nervous system is not broken, why not try to save her beloved husband at home.If at least one of these symptoms occurs, it is better not to risk the life of a loved one.

deciding to be treated at
home, make sure that the spouse is willing to give up the addiction.If booze is too deep, alcohol and the victim is no longer able to make an intelligent decision, the only way - insulation.That is, you have to lock up her husband's house, completely restrict it face to face and telephone contacts with friends.At least you'll rest easy knowing that he was not drawn into the booze again.Then you can safely proceed to treatment.

Home deducing from hard drinking of alcohol is in the breeding of blood, or rather its degradation products.The easiest, but not the cheapest option - to call a team of specialists who will conduct immediately diffuse therapy.I mean, put the cleaning drip.As families of alcoholics rare material wealth, you can spend cleaning themselves.Often used for such purposes "Regidron" "Enterodez" or simple solution of water with sugar, salt and soda.Such fluids desirably drink at least 4.3 liters per day.

As a way out of hard drinking - process is quite painful and tedious, it is better to sleep more.It is no secret that during sleep the body carries diseases much faster and easier.If your spouse does not want to sleep willingly have him drink sleeping pills.Talk to your pharmacist for what the drug will have on the body is the least dangerous influence, given the recently drunk alcohol.

If you noticed on the body or face swelling wife, also start to get rid of them.By purchasing sleeping pills, ask for another map-hydrochlorothiazide or furosemide.But you can do without them.A decoction of wild rose - herbal diuretic, perfectly deducing from an organism of fluid stagnation.Speaking of fluids.Make sure that the patient bed on duty bucket.Vomiting - frequent enough phenomenon in the output from the binge.

the second or third day (depending on the severity of binge) it is desirable to send her husband a douche.This will help to cheer up and bounce back.Appetite certainly does not appear from the first hours of so-called treatment, but the next morning after the last drink booze can offer soup cup with a slice of bread.Solid food at the beginning of treatment is entirely optional.Only a day later, the second a real wake up the appetite.But here, it's not, thank God.Overeating can not, as the liver and pancreas have not had time enough to recover.

last important rule of respect for which depends on the outcome of events - not to succumb to the pleas.Even if the husband is going to be very, very pitifully asking for 100 grams, do not pour!Furthermore, do not let him out of the house alone.On an evening walk you can go together.Better in the first days to save a loved one from the temptations.

Exit binge can last from several hours to two or three days.Try this time to be the most loyal, not to respond to provocation, rudeness, pleading.It is understood that an alcoholic - a terminally ill man, he pulled with all his strength for the rescue version, whom he believes serves a glass of vodka, a glass of brandy or beer bottle.