November 26, 2016 00:11

Removing the tooth inflammation .

tooth indicates the presence of inflammation and infection is often accompanied by severe pain.Professional help can only dentist in this case.But it happens that to get to it is not possible.Inflammation of the tooth can be reduced, removed, resorting to folk remedies.

The most effective tool is the use of antibiotics.Perhaps it will be only after the doctor's visit, which is accurate diagnosis and prescribe medications that are suitable for you.

Rinse liquor gives relief state.Take any strong drink - whiskey, cognac, vodka.We need to make a big sip and hold it on the affected side.The pain will decrease slightly numb gums.After rinsing necessarily spit alcohol.

very popular, affordable way: one glass of water to drip a few drops of iodine, a teaspoon each of salt, soda.Rinse during the day several times.

drop clove oil in a cotton ball and apply to the sore tooth.If you do not have oil, you can chew a few pieces of cloves.This plant is a long time people used to relie
ve toothache.

Propolis is an excellent anesthetic effect which is similar to novocaine.Take a ready-alcoholic solution, to rinse their mouth or moisten a cotton swab and impose the gum tooth.If you have a piece of propolis, you can put it next to the tooth.

rinse decoction of herbs, too, will give a positive result.It has antiseptic properties of chamomile, sage, plantain, St. John's wort, sweet flag.

Tablespoon calendula tincture mix with a glass of warm water.Rinse with a solution of 4-6 times during the day.

Surely you can find in the medicine cabinet painkillers, such as Nurofen, analgin, ketanov.These drugs reduce pain only, bring temporary relief, but do not eliminate the cause of the inflammation.

Even the most effective way will not cure a tooth, and remove only the symptoms, so at the first opportunity you must visit the dentist.