November 26, 2016 00:11

How to make a compress of vinegar at a temperature .

increase in temperature indicates that the body is fighting an infection.Not always in the case of temperature it is advisable to take antipyretics.There are also situations when they can not simply be on hand.Then come to the aid of folk remedies, the most widely used of which - the vinegar cool compresses.

vinegar compress and cool off, use only in cases where the temperature has risen more than 39 °.Do not use vinegar compresses, as well as alcohol, for children up to 1 year because of possible intoxication.In the case of high temperature, it is better to replace such a simple wrap a damp cloth.

2 Touch the hands and feet.If they are cold, despite the heat, and is also present pale skin, vinegar compresses can not be done.Most likely, there was a spasm of blood vessels and excess hypothermia will only lead to an increase in temperature.Such spasm must be removed by rubbing the hands and feet to restore the flow of blood.Or drink a pill "No-spa" in consultation with the doctor about the
dosage.When the spasm is removed, it is possible to shoot down the temperature by this method.

Take gauze or any clean cloth with a loose, add a few layers.To shoot down the temperature of the child, dissolve 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar in a glass of water.For an adult approach the proportion of 1: 1 vinegar and water.You can use apple cider, 3% and 7% vinegar, but do not use for this purpose vinegar essence.Water for a compress should not be cold and have a temperature slightly above room temperature, so as not to cause discomfort in contact with skin.

Wet gauze in this solution and apply compresses to the calves, wrists and on the frontal part.Change cool compresses as they are completely dry, periodically removing them and re-applying the cool side.Wet the cheesecloth in the new portions of water and acetic use compresses until the temperature drops to an acceptable mark.

also apply wet wiping vinegar solution.Dampen a towel in warm water with vinegar and wipe the hands and feet, so that the skin remains wet.As evaporation repeat the process.The body will give off heat, and the temperature - to subside.

Vinegar has long been known for its beneficial properties for the body and is widely used in folk medicine.At high temperatures, vinegar compresses to help cope with the heat, and in the case of an emergency - wait for action antipyretics.