November 26, 2016 00:11

How to put mustard .

Mustard have in the medicine cabinet at each.It is an indispensable tool for respiratory diseases.Mustard - the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of treatment.However, not everyone knows how to put the mustard.Fortunately, it does not need to have extensive medical knowledge.

Mustard effective when: insomnia, coughing, radiculitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, headache.

Mustard contraindicated in the following diseases and symptoms: Hypersensitivity to mustard plasters, skin diseases, asthma, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acute forms of respiratory diseases, cancer, fever (more than 37.5 degrees)pregnancy.

Kids mustard put only through gauze for 2-3 minutes.Allowable age of 1 year.

If you do not have contraindications, decide on the place on the body, you'll put the yellow card.It is best to consult a doctor.When coughing mustard put between the shoulder blades, under the shoulder blades, the front and the side surface of the chest.When high blood pressure put mustard
on the calves.For headaches - in the neck.Avoid sensitive areas, the area of ​​the heart and spine.

Take yellow card, check its expiration date.On average, it is about 9 months.Mustard plaster should not crumble.Check that the smell was sharp mustard.

Place yellow card in the horizontal position in a bowl of warm water for 15 seconds.The water temperature should not exceed 36-40 degrees.Pulling a yellow card, shake off excess water.

Place yellow card in the selected area of ​​mustard down.Cover the patient with a towel and hold yellow card no more than 5 minutes.If the yellow card is strongly burn, place between the yellow card and the skin moist piece of newspaper.If discomfort will be, it is better to finish the procedure.

After you remove mustard, anoint warmed the place with petroleum jelly to soothe the skin and relieve irritation.

Every day mustard can be kept longer and longer.Maximum time - 10 minutes.You can not impose mustard 2 times a day.The course of treatment is about 5 days.

At a cold mustard put on the feet, top to wear woolen socks and keep for about 2 hours.After removing the mustard plaster again keep your feet warm.

After the procedure, the patient is always wrapped a blanket and poite warm tea with honey or raspberry.Let the patient to sleep at least an hour.

after each use mustard plaster the patient will feel better and better.But after 5 days it will be possible to talk about full recovery.