November 26, 2016 00:11

How to get rid of insomnia .

If earlier it was believed that insomnia affects only older people in our day to spend harrowing night in the hope of sleep can young people and even children.What are the causes of insomnia and how to gain the coveted sound sleep?

First of all you need to determine the causes of the symptoms of this disease.Doctors believe that it is necessary to clearly distinguish between three types of insomnia: difficulty in falling asleep, supporting sleep and waking up too early.

If sleep does not come all, and this condition can last for hours, the doctor diagnoses a violation of sleep, which occurs most frequently.The reason for this symptom can be a strong overwork, stress, under the action which inhibits the natural processes of the nervous system.Try to overcome fatigue: a walk before going to bed, drink camomile tea with honey or warm milk, meditate in silence under the light music.You can take a warm bath with the addition of pine extract, aromomasel lavender, jasmine or a fragrant foam o
r sea salt.

If disturbed sleep disorders, frequent awakenings, and in the morning - feeling tired, you should analyze the causes of such symptoms.This is possible when falling asleep in a new, unfamiliar place, or in the case when a person is experiencing stress long and painful thoughts do not allow him to sleep.Waking up in the night, it is not necessary to strain to sleep.Better tune in a quiet way, imagine paintings with landscapes, kittens or babies - everyone knows that makes him a sense of peace.It helps slow deep breathing.Inhale - at the expense of one to three, breath-holding - at the expense of three to one, exhale - at the expense of one to four.Many helps fragrant pillow, made of natural fabric and filled with herbs (lavender, oregano, thyme, mint, sage, hop knobs, pine needles).

most serious symptom is considered early awakening.If sleep is interrupted after a few hours of slumber, and sleep is no longer possible, it is necessary to consult a doctor.This may be indicative of endocrine disorders or sclerosis of cerebral vessels, in the case of an elderly person.

somewhat difficult to fall asleep or restless sleep episodes still mean nothing.It is necessary to analyze the physical and mental state, to determine the causes of these problems and try to solve them.You may want to spend less time in front of a computer or understand their feelings, to visit a psychologist.

Sometimes the causes of insomnia is quite trivial - overeating before sleep, lack of physical activity or fatigue, watching movies too emotional or stress, then you need to find your way to overcoming sleep disorders.If insomnia tortures systematically, it may be indicative of serious health problems, and a visit to the doctor should not be delayed.