November 26, 2016 00:11

How to cope with back pain .

You have back pain?It is quite likely.Tens of thousands of people suffer from the nasty, annoying pain that interferes with work, relax, take care of the baby, shopping, etc.Koka Whatever the cause of your torment (sedentary work, illness, fatigue), to give up and let it take its course completely unacceptable.Suffice it to observe just a couple of simple rules to stop the pain disturb you.

If your sufferings persist for two weeks, it is wiser to consult a doctor.Minimum order to find the root cause.If the time or desire to go to the doctor is not present, start their own struggle with pain.

First, Get a mattress of medium hardness and learn to sleep comfortably.In order not to injure the back while sleeping and resting, sleep on your side.Alternatively, you can put a pillow between your legs.So your lower back to relax at night, allowing you to level up.

Take your posture.She certainly has a great attitude to the aching back.Pay attention to important points: shoulders should be
on one line with a flat neck, chest slightly raised, head up, bend the spine in the lumbar and cervical spine.

Give full procedure workplace.Put your feet on the floor throughout the foot, often change positions, do a five-minute rest every hour, accustomed to an easy warm-up breaks.

Without daily exercise back muscles weaken and tire quickly.It would be reasonable to spend every morning light preventive exercises.Lying on your back, pull up to his chest and the other one knee and push firmly to himself.Trying not to strain the back muscles, lie down for 3-5 minutes.Further, while remaining in the same position, perform katatelnye movement back and forth.Shook like a boat 5 minutes.Lie on your stomach and take the elbows.Straightening arms, gently flex back.Hold at the top for 1 min and smoothly return to the starting position.Take 10 of these repeats.

Avoid unnecessary stress.People suffering from stress, far longer get rid of back pain.

Do not be lazy.Take time to their health.Only twenty minutes a day, and no pain you are not afraid.