September 28, 2016 23:00

As you clean the carpet .Carpet care .Total carpet dirt and stains on it cleaned differently.Update the carpet at home.

Remember the Soviet times, when a variety of carpets on the walls and under the feet were considered a sign of wealth?Thank God that today people are easier to relate to such a "window dressing".However, in each apartment at least one carpet, but it is present.And put his feet are now expensive and high-quality carpets.If all of a sudden natural wool or silk rug or a synthetic carpet is dirty, it becomes very bad.

Any carpet can be cleaned, but it is better not to bring it up to the point where even the color is guessed easily.To prevent contamination:
  • not stele carpet under the coffee table, where drinking coffee or beer;
  • do not walk on the carpet in the shoes and even slippers;
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly, going through the brush in one place for at least 3-4 times.

If the carpet is dirty, then clean it can be detergent, or using traditional methods.Special tools, such as "Vanish", can be used for cleaning of synthetic carpets only.For wool or silk, they are not suitable, becaus
e the carpet yarn dyed with natural dyes that do not suffer chemistry.Another natural carpets do not tolerate very wet, and all cleaning products diluted with water.So if natural dirty carpet, it will have to pay in the dry dry cleaning.

When the carpet is not very dirty, it can be cleaned with ammonia: 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.It is necessary to moisten the sponge in the solution, wring it well, and then wipe the pile.Ammonia also refresh the color and paints.It operates in the same manner and citric acid, but must be used in combination with salt: one liter of water is necessary to take one tablespoon of dry ingredients.

There are vintage effective method that will remove general dirt from natural wool carpet - sauerkraut.Not one that is salted using vinegar, and this, as do the grandmother - salt only.Cabbage need a good rinse with water, wring out moisture and scatter over the carpet.After five minutes start to sweep it from the carpet.So you need to do as long as the last portion of cabbage will remain clean.

With total pollution understood, now let's talk about the difficult spots.If there is no special stain remover, then they are removed:
  • coffee, juice, fruit, wine - first with clean water, then a conventional detergent, the end rub lemon juice (lemon on colored carpets can not be used);
  • mold - hydrogen peroxide;
  • from pen - first with peroxide, then white soap;
  • grease - clean gasoline lighter.

Any stubborn stains need to be removed as quickly as possible.The longer a stain will remain on the carpet, the less chance to clean it, even with the help of dry cleaning.The fact that the spot will "crawl" on the thread and soak in every fiber, from which they are woven.

Sometimes carpets cleaned with wet sawdust or snow.This method is effective, but then a large carpet heavily wet.In the meantime, it will be dry, the mold and it may appear, and the smell of moisture absorbed.This wet cleaning painless will take only small bedside rugs.They can easily be brought into the fresh air to dry, and a large carpet - not applied.