September 28, 2016 23:00

How to care for laminate.How to wash laminate

Laminate looks wonderful, it is hygienic and easy to clean.For many years the floor looking new, you need to take care of him properly.

two most important enemy of laminate - sand and water.If you laminate bed in the hallway, the door lay a large rug and Razuvaev only on it.This will protect the laminate flooring from scratches.They will certainly arise if kicking sand will spread throughout the room.Never wash the laminate so, such as linoleum floors.If the coating is not very high quality, the water may cause swelling near joints.It is there that gets wet during the wet cleaning.

remove dust from the laminate by a vacuum cleaner, but only the longest and a soft brush.The same delicate brush the floor, you can simply sweep.Scoop for garbage collection of the laminate should have a rubberized bottom edge.

If dry cleaning is not enough, laminate flooring can be wiped with a damp cloth from mikrofirby.It perfectly absorbs moisture and leaves no residue.Very dirty laminate, which d
oes not help clean water, wipe the special means for the laminate.For example, EMSAL Laminat, Bona or universal LOC.Well removes dirt from laminate water with vinegar (1 tablespoon per 5 liters).

Care laminate includes not only dry and wet cleaning it.Laminate should be protected:
  • all furniture legs stick felt special or felt pads that will not form scratches when furniture is slid;
  • try not to drop to the floor hard and sharp objects;
  • not go by a laminate on his heels;
  • not use steam cleaner or a steam mop.

If the laminate showed stubborn stains, then remove it, you can:
  • Chocolate, pen, pencil - using methyl alcohol.
  • Gum, stearin - using a flat wooden ruler (like sticks of "Eskimo").Before removing such contamination it is necessary to blow the cool air from a hair dryer to make it solidified and not smeared across the floor.

laminate contraindicated natirochnye agents with wax and silicone.Never use pastes for parquet - they are intended for wood, and laminate streak.

Knowing how to care for laminate, you can already plan his packing house.