September 28, 2016 23:00

As you wash the glass .Caring for windows.From the article , you'll learn how to quickly and easily to wash different surfaces of glass.

to glass surfaces in your home looked adequately, while they need to be washed from time to time.Window, glass coffee tables, doors and shelves in the cabinets, glass inserts in the interior doors, mirrors - a work front!We'll tell you how to quickly and easily to wash different surfaces of the glass.

Not everyone knows that a month after washing the window panes of the transmitted light is 10% less than before.After 4 months of your room does not get half the sunlight.Thus, clean windows not only will decorate the interior, but also help save on electricity.

It is best to wash the windows handle wiper.It you can easily find at the hardware store.To start wash away dirt with a clean cloth glasses, soaked in warm water.Carefully squeeze the cloth over the surface to not dripping rivulets of water.With the help of special nozzles spray the cleaner around the glass.The soft microfiber cloth or pieces of flannel will not leave behind any streaks or lint.Erase a cleaner cloth.After this your
windows shine with cleanliness.But to further remove divorces can wipe the glass with paper.Crumpled newspaper until soft, perfectly cope with this task.Likewise wash any other glass surface in the house.

If the wiper was not close, there is a way to get rid of dirt and without it.The warm water and wipe clean the glass in the same manner as described in step 2.Since you do not use household chemicals, any tissue will leave stains on the glass.To avoid this, be sure to wipe the surface of the crumpled paper to dry completely.

Knowing some tricks, you can quickly deal with the washing of glasses and protect them from contamination.Thus, added to the salt water glass surfaces give a wonderful shine, and the windows, washed with salt, gain extra protection from freezing in winter.Salt also helps to dissolve the ice on the window panes.To do this, connect half a liter of water and a handful of salt.Using a cloth dampened in a solution, perform the icy crust to remove it.

windows in the kitchen is more difficult to clean, because the inside collect greasy fumes from cooking.The same problem may be to wash and tables, the surface of which particles of food fall.Fatty plaque you remove ammonia, diluted in warm water in a ratio of 1 to 10.

glass darkly return transparency acetic acid.To prepare the solution, mix 3 tablespoonsvinegar with 1 liter of water.As you remove the plaque and on the glassware.Only here do not need a warm and almost boiling water with vinegar dissolved in it.Hold the bowl in a few minutes the water and enjoy its crystal clarity.

to glass surfaces remain clean longer, prepare a mixture of 100 g of glycerol, two or three drops of ammonia and 50 g of water.This solution does not require wiping.After drying, the glass will be more resistant to dirt.

Methods for cleaning glass are simple and varied.Clean glass surfaces often.So regular cleaning procedure will take you less time and effort.