October 01, 2016 23:09

How to register water meters .What documents are required for registration on the water meter

Save on payment of natural resources such as water, is to install water meters.Despite the fact that such a move requires some financial investment, they are justified in the near future and have a positive impact on the total amount of payment of bills for water.In addition to the payment amount, the consumer always knows exactly how much water it is spent, and only for this amount it will expose invoice.

installation of meters of water has been DES, or other organization that has the right to carry out such work.You can contact the housing office or ask neighbors who have already been on the water meter, about their experience installing counter To verify this information.Filed in the application of your choice in the organization, the wizard will determine the company's complete set of necessary equipment and installation costs.

water meters can be purchased on their own on the basis of these parameters to provide masters or all of the powers by the masters.It is worth noting that buy
ing the counter yourself, you can save your finances, as well as to purchase higher quality counter, rather than give you a wizard.Also do not forget that counts on the hot and cold water are installed separately and they have significant differences.

After installation company will provide a full list of the documents on the basis of which the act Deux register for admission to the operation of meters.Then these documents are sent to the Unified Information and Settlement Centre, where you will be able to conclude an agreement on the payment of water services.The full package of documents includes:
  • counter passport;
  • certificate of conformity of the counter;
  • Acts commissioning (3 copies);
  • contract for the supply and installation of the water meter.

procedure itself on the water meter registration is simple, but in order for everything to go quickly and easily, it is necessary to provide a full package of documents containing the correct information.Therefore, before the counter purchase, make sure that it is included in the State Register of measuring instruments, and carefully check the spelling of the counter numbers in all other documents.