October 02, 2016 23:00

How to get rid of rats .Methods of dealing with rats

If your apartment or in a private house settled rat family, then you will have to work hard and be smart to get rid of tenants.It's quite a clever animal, which according to scientists is one of the oldest inhabitants of our planet.The proximity to the rat can lead not only to corrupt furnishings and products, but also very dangerous for human health.A rat can cause human infection with various diseases, such as tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, and be a vector of fungal infections.In this article we want to share a few tips and proven techniques for getting your home from these dangerous pests.

accepted that cats are helping to get rid of rats.This, of course, is true, rat subconsciously afraid of the cat spirit.And if even the cat will be gambling hunter, the rats have to look for a different shelter.But how can that be, if you already have a cat and a rat still dare you settle?Start or take the dog for a while-the Pied Piper, for example, such as a fee, some types of terriers, etc. These animals -.
Natural-born hunters rats since ancient times.However, it is worth considering that your hunter will be just like you, risk their health, so make sure that he had time to put down all the necessary vaccinations, and add to his daily diet vitamins.You may also want to consult a veterinarian, who may prescribe additional vaccinations or drugs to protect your pet from contracting dangerous diseases from rats.

One of the known methods of getting rid of the rats are shops Rat-traps and improvised traps these animals.However, this method does not always work, sincerats are very clever, and rarely come across a few times in the same trap, and besides, it is cruel.After all, you then have to get rid of the slain animal.However, there is not such a cruel trap.For example, you can put a bucket of water, and in the center put a small cap with an edible treat for rats.When she followed him climb, be sure to drop into the water, so you do it and you will find.Very well to catch the rat glue, to which it adheres, and already own to get out of it can not.But since then it is very difficult to clean up, it is better to put it on the inner walls of the box.Once there, the rat will not be able to get out, and you will be easier to get rid of it.

various poisonous powders and granules are also often used.The store has a wide selection of these funds.They are mixed with food and poured in places that are often visited by rats.But we must remember that these tools are very toxic to humans too.But if a rat run through the tabs on the poison, that poison can easily get to the table and food.Be careful when applying for this purpose toxic substances.

There are several popular methods of getting rid of the rats.One is plaster or gypsum mixed with flour.Near this mixture also need to put water.After eating the meal and sipping some water, the rat will receive a blockage of the stomach and intestines, which would be fatal for her.If the room is not living, it can be sprinkled with ashes near the rat lairs, causes severe irritation of the animal's feet.

very popular in recent times was the use of ultrasound to get rid of the rat family dwellings.This device is available for sale of the majority of shopping centers.He can not harm humans, but is very sensitive effect on rat hearing.After the sufferings rat family leaves the nest in search of a new home.However, in recent years, ultrasonic devices are often counterfeited.Typically, such devices are completely ineffective.Therefore, if you decide to use this way, then purchase it in stores or ask for a certificate of quality.

If you are a long time can not get rid of rats and all kinds of methods to help poor, do not pull on time, contact your service deratizator.For a fee, you quickly and permanently get rid of the dangerous rodents and give useful advice.