Which shower to choose from.Buying shower .In this article you'll learn about the main criteria for the choice of shower bathroom .

In cases where the area or planning a bathroom does not allow to install a traditional bath, a real salvation are showers.They occupy a minimum of space and help save space for furniture or washing machine.

All showers are divided into open and closed according to the type.The package includes a tray open cabin door and fencing.The side walls of the shower enclosure are the bathroom walls.The main advantages of such designs - availability, ease of installation and compact size.In completing the enclosed shower includes a complete set of design elements - a special bottom, door system, side panels and roof plate.In addition, these shower boxes characterized by the presence of multi-functional technical "stuffing" - it could be hydro, steam, aromatherapy, ozonation and / or sauna.

also pay attention to the shape, size and depth of the pan - he is the main design element.Pallets are the most different shapes - square, rectangular, multi-faceted, round and oval.Constructions with straight trays are usually cheaper round cabins with radius pallets, but in a compact bathroom advisable to overpay for shower doors with curved shapes, in order to achieve the maximum efficient use of space.As for the size of the pallet, this parameter also depends on personal preference and space bathrooms.

All shower trays are divided into small (with a side of 30 cm) and deep (board height 30 cm).The deeper the bottom - the greater its functionality.Deep tray - the perfect solution for families with young children, such as a bed can be used as a sitz bath.Also in such a pallet is convenient to wash things by hand - a delicate and overall.At the same time, the high cabin aboard can be a real problem for a person under the age, so older people are more comfortable design with a shallow bottom.

deserves special attention the material from which made shower tray - it must be wear-resistant and durable to withstand significant vertical load.In addition, high-quality end shall have a special relief (anti-slip) floors.The most common are those pallets:
  • Acrylic - differ quite good heat-saving qualities (warm up quickly) and low noise emission, but require further strengthening of the frame, as may eventually sag under the weight of the vertical load.
  • Ceramic - have an excellent aesthetic appearance and look much more spectacular than the counterparts of artificial acrylic.It should be borne in mind that santehfayans - rather fragile material, which even with careful operation eventually covered "spider web" of fine cracks.
  • Steel - a very practical and reliable.In order to reduce the noise of their recommended further equipped with special sound-insulating foam gasket (it is attached to the bottom of the back side).
  • Pallets made of artificial stone - beautiful and durable, however, are quite expensive.

peering into the shower, look for the door opening system.Models with a swinging mechanism - perfect for spacious bathrooms.If every square centimeter of bathrooms in the account, it is better to give preference to the configuration of booths with sliding doors, which are equipped on the basis of the usual wardrobe.

doors showers are glass or plastic.Models with shutters of tempered glass cost more - they are reliable, durable and visually beautiful.Cabins with transparent PVC doors are much cheaper, but after some time they become turbid and lose their original appeal.More practical are considered dull / tinted plastic doors - on such surfaces are less noticeable stains and dried drips of water.

Following our recommendations, you can easily pick up the right shower for your bathroom.