November 17, 2016 00:07

As the drill hole for water.Drilling of wells

Self drilling requires considerable physical effort, but it has its advantages over the drilling machine.These include the low cost of operation, the ability to perform well in anywhere portion.

working tool depends on the method of drilling, soil composition, depth of the aquifer.When working on clay soils, use a spiral drill (auger).The diameter of the bottom of the instrument - between 45 and 85 mm, the blade length - from 250 to 290 mm.For percussion drilling is necessary drill-bit.On sandy soils, select the drill-spoon made in the form of an eccentric.Tool length - about 700 mm, the diameter - of 70 to 200 mm.The loose soil is removed Bailer (piston or regular).It weighs at least 50 kg, the maximum length of the device - about 2 m

Auxiliary materials include steel pipes (bends), lengthening the working tool;.material for the manufacture of goats or platform for mounting the winch;gravel, casing, hoist, trolley for removal of soil must also be handy.

Before you start prepar
e land for drilling.For deep well enough to equalize 3 m portion and make a hole depth of 40 to 60 cm for the installation of the drill.For deeper wells dig a hole up to 2 m depth and width of 1.5 x 1.5 m, upholster wall boards.At the bottom of the casing, do the hole diameter of 5 to 7 mm over a length of 2 m

drilling screw -. The easiest way to perform well.To rotate the working tool requires 1-2 people.Bur remove for cleaning after a few revolutions.Periodically further strengthen its long-tube knee.After the appearance of the water several times, remove and lower the bar, clearing mud from the well.Set into the well casing, pour gravel between the pipe and the borehole.

Dip into the well centrifugal pump for pumping dirty water.During the cleaning, pour gravel between the pipe and the well bore.Cleaning lasts until clean water.Then lower the bottom of the filter purchase or pour gravel layer 20 to 30 cm. Again, deflate the liquid to produce pure water.This procedure was repeated several times every hour.

One day, check the water level in the well.Optimal - a few meters, water consumption - not less than three cubic meters per hour.The gaps between the pipe and the borehole wall grout base to prevent ingress of water into the well.Make a roof over the well.Set the pump to run continuously.

for deep well recommended cable-method using a homemade rig.The thickness of the casing - 5 mm.The bottom of a cone weld, pipe diameter greater than 4-5 cm. Connections with other pieces of the pipes cut into the opposite side of the threads.

Pipe set vertically, but do not attach firmly.Inside the pipe lower the bailer on the cable.Lift it as high as possible and release.The soil, which gets into the device, you need to pick up and throw.Hardwood pre-break chisel chisel.

Another option - core drilling.For this method requires a hollow tube attached at the bottom of the cutting crown.By rotating the tube immersed in the soil, the soil moving inside the pipe.Pick up a pipe and knock it out of the sludge.The upper part of the tube has holes for fixing additional rod.The most convenient way to use an extension cord from 1 to 1.5 m. The method is suitable for loose soil.

When drilling be patient.At the neighbor well may be 10 m deep, and you at this depth, there is nothing.We must remember that water is everywhere, you should not be disappointed in the pre-conceived.