November 17, 2016 00:07

How to cut the foam .cutting foam

In carrying out works related to the warming of the house, a better material than the foam, you will not find.It is popular that is inexpensive and is quite a good thermal insulator.But when you got to work, the question naturally arises as to cut the foam and make out the necessary details to you to cut the lines were straight and had the configuration you want.

There are two types of foam: hard, or else it is called hard and soft.Easier machining (cutting) lends itself to a solid form of foam, so it is more popular.Soft foam crumbling same species, and it is necessary to apply a special regime.There is also a single-sheet foam thickness, and from this it follows that the cutting regimes are different and requires an individual approach to each case.

Soft view can be cut by any sharp thin object, even credit cards.Place a ruler or a flat rail along the cutting line, and draw on the dash of your cutting tool.Then slide the foam slab so that otrez coincided with the edge of the table, and
pressing the part of the plate on the table, lightly press down on sagging.The foam is broken down by the cut line.

3 can be used for cutting foamed plastic serrated knife from the kitchen set.To make it easier to work, it has to be to rub the wax or stearic candle.If you need to clean the foam remained, then apply the candle of stearin white.Foam cut long uniform motion to the knife plunged over the edge.

for cutting thin sheets of plastic foam is well suited for cutting paper knife with a retractable blade.This knife can cut different parts and pieces.Please do not cut the entire depth, and then cut off the uniform motion you need the item.Keep the blade of your knife was constantly sharp, because if it is dull, it even cut do not work.

5 If you need to cut a lot of foam, for convenience, you can use a saw.And with any suitable solid or blade tensioning and small teeth (handsaw, jigsaw or bow-shaped floor).Flexible saw blade also will not make a smooth cut line.Cut the foam over the whole blade evenly pressing a hand on the saw.

When you have to cut large slabs of foam, it is convenient to use an electric jigsaw.Place the plate on the table so that otrez turned the table edge, and including jigsaw, do you otrez needed fragments.When working with a jigsaw, use safety goggles.

And the best place, in our opinion, the method - cutting foam with a heated wire.First you need to make the unit itself for cutting foam.Nihromnuyu secure wire on ceramic insulators and insulator - on U-shaped pipe.You should get bucksaw nihromnoy with wire instead of a blade.By nihromnoy wire at both ends connect flexible insulated wire so that it does not interfere with his trumpet can be secured with electrical tape.Now, this line (make it long) to connect to the step-down transformer 12 V. Turn rheostat in the circuit (variable resistor) to adjust the heating nihromnoy thread.On the pipe itself, set on an electric button, and turn it into a chain.Button will give more convenience in operation.

Apply to your current unit, nichrome will heat up, and by means of a rheostat do to heating nihromnoy thread color was temnovishnevym.That unit you can cut parts of any configuration.Just keep a thread on the cut line.However, it will smoke, because it is necessary to work or on the street, or in a well ventilated area.Try also not to touch enabled thread so as not to get burned.

We have listed all of the basic ways of cutting the foam, they are all good in their own way.Pick and choose what suits you more.