November 17, 2016 00:07

The warm facade of the house .Thermal insulation of buildings

For decades consecutive society tries to find the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption.After all, if the loss of heat to reduce the limit, the economic effect will reach astounding heights.Thermal insulation of facades - one of the positive techniques to obtain the desired result.The more modern building materials market is improving every year.There remains only one problem: what and how to warm facade of the house to spent time and finances are not left unjustified?

If all the important moments of technology warming observed, probably any of the selected materials to cope with their immediate task.For example, foam plates, intended for insulation of walls, for many years occupied a leading position.This material began to produce in the 30-ies, and its relevance has not yet been lost.The incredible insulating properties achieved by melenkih filled with air bubbles, that make up the stove.Among the additional advantages of foam can be distinguished inexpensive, moisture resistance and
low weight.By using this material, heat loss will be possible to save approximately 70%.

Mineral wool - a material commonly used in thermal insulation of facades of houses, existing in the form of two-layer boards, single-layer, flexible lamella.In recent years, mineral wool has gained considerable popularity, since its properties speak for themselves: vapor permeability, damage of mechanical type of stability, the absence of an ignition risk.Despite the fact that the mineral wool is more expensive foam insulation quality in her better times.Installation of such material is produced by the previous type, in the same sequence for adhesive fixation, fixation with dowels, assembling reinforcing mesh and coating the primer and plaster.

Another convenient and practical option - Thermal insulation of facades penopoliuritanom.To that end, it can be used both inside and outside.Thermal insulation quality and speed of installation are superior to many competing materials.In fact, due to the good adhesion and the possibility to use on any surface, it can be called the ideal polyurethane foam material.In addition to the main positive characteristics you can specify high soundproofing, waterproofing, no long drying period.

basalt or rock wool - high-quality thermal and sound insulation material, made of gabbro, basalt rock.It is based on stable and durable fiberglass.Plates of basalt wool does not lose its original properties for years, even under harsh climatic conditions.The following facts can lead to an adequate assessment of this type of insulation: noise reduction by 20%, tear and compression resistance of the material stability even when exposed to temperature 1000C, the ability to maintain a normal level of humidity all year round.

Through research in the field of application is 100% confirmed the effectiveness of another material - cellulose insulation.Many brands on the market of building materials have advanced to the turnover of cellulose insulation.A few years ago, a material composed of recycled fiber paper, created a sensation.Its competitive advantages have convinced hundreds of thousands of people are hypo-allergenic, ecological purity, high heat transfer efficiency, fire resistance, resistance to aggressive environments, lack of shrinkage and deformation, the protection of the premises from the heat as the cold.The only thing that can confuse the consumer - the need to create an additional frame structure for the product of the thermal insulation material data.

In fact, all the options are good insulators is approximately the same.The choice may depend only on the time, finance and building sizes.