November 17, 2016 00:07

How to cover the roof tiles.Laying the roof tiles .The article tells about the different kinds of tile and installation features .

A variety of types of tile roofing allows to execute in accordance with the financial capacity and taste.Each type of tile has certain features and installation requirements for surface preparation.

tile varies in shape, size, color, and made of different materials.Each type of tile has a recommended value of the overlap elements during installation.When calculating the consumption of tiles you have to take into account the useful or working width of the material.Typically, useful width is indicated in the technical documents.

main component of ceramic tiles - natural clay.Available in two types - regular and engobed.Engobed has a protective coating against moisture and weathering.Natural has a higher water absorption.An interesting fact that over time when exposed to moisture and sunlight takes on different shades of red.Natural tile is presented in the form of piece elements of dimensions 330 × 420 × 415 mm or 250 mm.It is used on roofs with slope of 22 to 60º.It has a high cost.Great
weight of natural tile - 40 kg per m² requires strengthening truss system and device a solid foundation.

3 Cement-sand tile is made of cement, sand is filled.According to the type and size similar to the ceramic.It is easier and cheaper than natural tile.It responds to low temperatures and high humidity, so it has a shorter lifetime as compared to the natural tile.

Shingles - a soft roofing material.Made of fiberglass, which is saturated with bitumen, the top is covered with a mineral crumb.Flexible elements and a small size suitable for covering roofs of complex configuration.It has low weight.

Metal convenient to install due to the large size sheets and a small weight.Is a steel sheet, coated on both sides coated.Leaf length varies from 0.5 to 6 m, width of 1, 16-1, 19 m. A more convenient for installation length sheets 4, 5 m. Weight 4.6 kg per m² depending on the metal thickness.Well suited for use in the Russian climatic conditions.

Composite tiles is different from the multi-coated metal.The coating is made of aluminum alloy, zinc and silicon.Further spraying is applied basalt.Weight - about 7 kg per m².Size 1,330 × 410 mm.

principle roof design of the device is almost the same for all types of tile.Here it is necessary to pay attention to the correct choice of insulation, vapor barrier membrane and waterproofing materials, which are suitable for this type of material.Step lathing depends on the size and weight of the tiles.

elements ceramic tiles are small, so in preparation for the work it is important to carefully calculate the material consumption.The size of the overlap elements depends on the angle of the slope of the roof.For waterproofing membrane it is recommended to use roll material.Cloths diaphragm stele with an overlap of 10 cm. In order to ensure power system truss beams mounted every 60 cm. 50x50 mm furring use timber or 40x60 mm.If the roof inclination angle of less than 20º, requires installation of a continuous deck.Natural tile is attached to the sheathing screws through special mounting holes.

for laying shingles requires a solid foundation of continuous device.The base mount of waterproof plywood and edged board.Differential planks should not exceed 2 mm.Between sheets of plywood leave a gap of 3 mm, it will warn the base deformation when the humidity change.To provide waterproofing to the base of the stele carpet backing roll bitumen-polymer materials.Designated contact shingles with metal slats of the roof structure should be fluff mastic asphalt.To learn more about shingles laying rules can be found here.

before installation of metal or composite shingles performed the groundworks.The sheets are fastened to the sheathing by means of screws with overlap width 60 mm, length - 100 mm.During installation, follow the rules:
  • not use grinders for cutting the material;
  • use screws with sealing washers;
  • to avoid damaging the polymeric coating sheets, put the material in soft shoes, stepping in only bending waves;
  • remove the protective film from the sheets immediately after their installation.

When installing metal roofing is important to observe the technology and the procedure works.

choosing tile, consider the size of the material and geometry.Pay particular attention to manufacturers.the unit costs of the roof large, time-consuming work is necessary.It is important to choose a quality material that will last for a long time and does not require replacement.