November 19, 2016 00:14

How to apply the adhesive on the tile .Application of adhesive on the tile

When you make a bathroom renovation, bath, toilet and kitchen, the owners often prefer decorative tiles finish floor and wall.This will be the most difficult and important part of your repair.Work on the installation of decorative tiles require accuracy and skill.Here, a key role is played by the knowledge of how to apply the tile adhesive mortar.

choice of adhesive for tiles we saw in the article of the same name.Therefore, at this stage we will not stop.Just to say that you need to take into account the characteristics of the base, which will be attached to the tile, type of work - internal or external, costs, etc.A good quality of different mixes and Cerezit Plitonit.Sometimes consumers prefer liquid nails, but this method has not yet gained enough popularity.

To start, prepare a base primer slide.Pay special attention to this point, if the base of the inherent increased absorbency (plasterboard, gypsum fiber board).In the bath or the bathroom wall special treat vlagopregrazhdayuschim
means to protect against fungus and bacteria, as well as water vapor.If the surface is very loose, should be primed with two coats.At the same time dilute the composition to 1/5 water.

Before applying the solution to the decorative tiles it is necessary to prepare so that it has been cleared of debris and dust.Now look at what made based adhesive composition.When based solution - water, then before being applied, the back side of the tile with a cloth or sponge wipe which is moistened with water.If the adhesive is made on a different basis, it is necessary to choose a solvent that is compatible with it, and wipe the surface of this tool.

solution components should be carefully measure and mix until a homogeneous mass.For mixing it is recommended to use an electric drill with a nozzle.When installing decorative tiles consumption of adhesive which is applied to it, is not the same.This amount will vary depending upon the operations conducted.When you have a porous wall or floor, and the composition is consumed more than when laying on a smooth surface.At different temperatures and humidity, too, consumption will be different.

For application of adhesive on the tile using different types of tools.If you stack a tile floor, you should carry out the work of a comb, which has square teeth, and if you attach a decorative tile on the wall - the work spatulas, which V- shaped teeth.

Apply adhesive mortar on the tiles with the smooth side without teeth, it also align and glue.When the solution was applied on a tile holding comb is required to keep an angle of thirty degrees with respect to the tile.Lightly press down to fill all the cracks and pores.Save on is not the solution: it is recommended to apply the adhesive layer is not less than three millimeters.Yet look what the height of the teeth on the spatula.The thickness of the adhesive solution should be slightly higher than the height of the teeth.

After the adhesive solution is applied to the decorative tiles and smoothed, it is necessary to brush teeth.Keep hands should comb at an acute angle relative to a tile thirty - sixty degrees.Try to ensure that the depth of the grooves was applied uniformly and the same height.

tiles should be laid as soon as it struck the adhesive solution and combed.During installation it is best to use a laser level, instead of marking lines.Upon completion of the work should be poudalyat with tile joints solution which remained there.Clean the joints is by using a utility knife until the glue solution is not solidified.On the front side of the tile is removed from the adhesive residue with a cloth or sponge dipped in water or a solvent.

Thus, the process of laying decorative tiles will not take a lot of time if you are able to apply the adhesive on the tile.Follow our guide - and the finish will be held for a long time and durable, pleasing their masters.