November 19, 2016 00:15

The roof leaks what to do ?.How to fix a leak in the roof.In this article you will learn how to repair a leaky roof in a private home .

Alas, the problem of leakage of the roof facing virtually every owner of a private house.The reason for this unpleasant phenomenon can become banal wear roofing, mechanical damage to the roof, inefficient drainage, the use of substandard building materials in the construction of the roof and the violation of its installation technology.

Leaking roof is fraught with not only the destruction of property and violation of the microclimate in the house, but the appearance on the walls of the dangerous black mold health, the closure of the wiring and even the collapse of the roof, which is why commencing repair work is immediate.To discover the source of the leak, you need to carefully inspect the roof and inspect the attic to check the floor and the rafters for the presence of damp and rotting places.Change the color and texture of the roofing material, cracks, chips, mold and rust stains - all these signs indicate damage to the coating.

flow slate roofs are most often the result of wear of t
he roof or physical impact on it.Small cracks in the asbestos sheets, roofing material can be repaired with sealant or glue special bitumen waterproofing tape.At considerable damages for defective sheets need to put a new piece of slate with a suitable width of the wave.Places where hammered nails to be processed bitumen roofing mastic or sealant.

To repair leaking soft roll roofing can begin only after its drying.In the swollen areas (the so-called "bubble") is necessary to make accurate cuts, turn them dry well, thoroughly lubricate the inside mastic and press firmly returned to its original position.In the presence of the material breaks or cracks need to make a patch of the appropriate size (they are pre-coat with mastic or roofing adhesive and applied over the defective area).

Despite its wear resistance and durability of metal roofing is also sometimes comes into disrepair.Small small hole formed as a result of any mechanical damage, filled with special roofing sealant or sealed with adhesive tape.Through damage can be avoided by imposing on them the appropriate size of steel patches.When it comes to major defects, it is advisable to replace the damaged sheet is new.

The flow of the roof tile is most often associated with a shift or loss of several cover pieces.In this case, the "gaps" place set similar tiles and old damaged segments are replaced with new ones.Tile Tile with small cracks should be dismantled, thoroughly miss the mark on both sides of bitumen roofing mastic or adhesive and fixed again on the "home" location.

Unfortunately, even small scratches on a smooth painted surface of a metal roof can become a cause of corrosion and consequently leaks.Minor flaws (including small holes) on the leaf roof eliminated as follows: affected by rust site thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush and degreased, then the hole is sealed, and the soldering place sealed in any composite material (waterproof putty, Surikova putty or roofing sealant) orIt is covered by a larger patch.When significant damage defective sheet standing seam roof is replaced.

Even in the absence of a leak regularly inspects the roof.Experts recommend to carry out routine inspection of the roof at least four times a year - experience shows that the initial destructive process to eliminate a lot easier and cheaper than repairing a large hole, tear or crack.

Now you know how to fix any leaking roofs and restore comfort to your home.