How to make a garden bench with his hands.How to make your own bench .This article describes how to make your own wooden bench .

Bench is one of the attributes of the garden and recreational areas at their summer cottage.Sitting on it, you can escape from the worries and relax, read a book or chat with friends.Make it yourself is not difficult enough to think everything through to the last detail, to be patient and get to work.The bench can be a great element of garden decor.

1 First you need to think about where it will stand: this could be part of the porch, gazebo or outdoor area - in this case it is recommended to choose a style that would be combined with the surrounding environment.You can choose a place where there is a beautiful overview on the garden or pond.Unpretentious benches can be placed near the garden: after work on the site to stay on it will be a pleasure.If you have decided on the spot - we move on.

makes the product drawing.Initially, you need to determine the height of the bench and the number of legs.There are standards that are recommended to follow in the preparation of the scheme: seat height - 400-500 mm;Seat width - 500-550 mm;backrest height - 350-500 mm.In the drawing, you can determine the approximate amount of materials.At the same stage will have to decide how it will be fixed to the seat back, and with what will be a bench - portable or not.If the structure is made of wood, you need to prepare the following tools: tape measure, pencil, planer, saw, hammer, jigsaw and sandpaper.You can use ready-made drawing - so just do not go wrong with the size and quantity of materials.

Following parameters of the drawing, make the bench is not difficult.Thick boards need for support, as well as boards or blocks to the other parts.First of all, the treated surface of the material, remove burrs, it is better to make an electric plane.Next, we begin to cut the boards to size.Jigsaws Scrollsaw of the bench, you can not make them rectangular and curly.That they were the same shape and size, making one component, we are putting it delineates.So you need to do on each plaque.Secured bench with self-tapping screws, but before that is pre-drilled, as if to drive screw directly, the board may crack.

order for the bench were not afraid of rain and slush, it is covered with varnish or paint.For uniform dyeing design is better to put them through a wide brush.You can do this in two coats, allowing the first to dry for several hours.Do not use poor-quality varnish or paint overdue - this can ruin the appearance.

Make a bench with your hands is not very difficult.Wood is considered the material of which the easiest way to produce such a structure.Refined and elegant look forged benches, have an interesting view of the stone products.You can certainly buy a folding plastic benches, or a ready-made from any material, but one that is made with their own hands, will become a favorite piece of furniture, because of making the it, you put a piece of the soul.