November 19, 2016 00:15

How to lay down the chimneys.How to make your own chimney

Without waste air can not be the normal operation of any stove or fireplace, so with them you need to consider where and in what way will emit smoke.For these purposes, made chimneys.They come in stainless steel, asbestos cement pipes or bricks.Each species has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.Asbestos cement and steel chimneys are bought off the shelf and just join the flue unit.With regard to the brick - it is put together with a fireplace or stove.For chimneys there are certain norms and standards - a snip 41-01-2003, Section 6.6 is devoted to heating furnaces (for the options required of the pipe for the chimney).Most often used brick, as they not only look beautiful, but also more practical.

1 Before starting to erect the chimney, you need to familiarize yourself with its components.For many, it is common pipe, but in fact parts of it abound.The construction begins with the foundation of the chimney.It is made of rectangular shape, with a minimum height of 30 cm. For the c
himney contour foundation must extend at least 15 cm. Reinforced considered to be more practical, but it is sometimes used in the construction of the stones.

seams in masonry made very thin - it depends on the strength of the structure.In places where the chimney will succumb to high temperatures, use the special fire-resistant mortar.The best option would be a means of Vetoni, its advantage is that you can use after dilution even for a few days, while other counterparts shelf life - no more than a day.In places where it is not in any way affect the high temperatures used standard cement-lime-sand mortar.

chimney channels are made of rectangular or square shape, and the minimum dymoprovoda size should be 140x140 mm.Partitions between the channels should not be thinner than 120 mm.In places where the channels are arranged in the outer walls, and if the chimney passes through an attic, it is necessary to insulate the external walls with mineral wool (5 cm) or put additional masonry 250 mm thick (this is just one brick).

When the heating season begins, soot settles inside the chimney, the walls of the condensate can flow - this has a negative impact on any kind of brick.To avoid this, use the method gilzovaniya.Its essence is as follows: the chimney is inserted into a metal pipe, which protects the brick from the heat of action.The empty space is filled with any insulating non-combustible material.It is also necessary to install a special tank, where the water will drain.gilzovaniya method is suitable for the old chimney, and is used when laying new ones.

important point is the height, because of this attraction depends.Still need to build a chimney so that the roof is not lit up.At an angle of inclination less than 12 degrees, the output should rise by more than 60 cm. The same distance is necessary when the roof is made of combustible materials.In other embodiments, may be a chimney rising above the roof of 30 cm.

If it was decided to make their own chimney, it is necessary to consult with experts who will prompt, that for a particular building.It should be remembered that the wrong done chimney can be a cause of fire and eternal problems with smoke.