November 23, 2016 00:03

What is the cost to build a house .The cost of building a house

first step for preliminary calculation of estimates necessary to prepare a project plan of the future house.If you are not a designer, but want something exclusive, should contact the organization to the designer.For picky there completely free way - download the project from the Internet, it will not be unique, but suitable to your needs, you will likely find.With the project plan with the specified dimensions can calculate the area of ​​the project at home and assess future costs.

The choice of building materials depends the future cost structure.Perhaps this is the main item of expenditure in the construction.For the calculation of single-storey houses built in the area need to be multiplied by the average cost per square meter.If you plan to build a wooden house, the meter cost an average of 13 thousand rubles, the brick house will more expensive - up to 20 thousand per square.Approximately the same amount will cost the house of aerated concrete.

If the building is planned to be a
two-story or higher, and if the project contains architectural delights, price per square meter will increase by several times and can reach about 70 thousand rubles.

Next, you must consider the cost of interior decoration built house, it also depends on from which it is built.Finishing a wooden house can cost 1000 rubles per 1 m², in the case of a brick house or a house of aerated concrete, this cost increase to 3-5 thousand rubles.

Among other things, it is important to include in the calculation of the costs of settlement and provision of electricity at home.This item also includes the cost of wires, sockets, switches, electric meter, an automatic shutdown.In general, electrification will cost 600 rubles per 1 m².

If the planned gas supply by connecting to the central system, will have to pay for specialist services.Thus in addition to the cost of services established certified company, will have to pay for wiring and gas pipes in the house, which is more than 20 thousand rubles.

Do not forget to take into account the improvement in the cost of water supply and sewerage.If there is a nearby water supply branch connected to it will cost quite inexpensive.Construction on the well site will cost 3-5 thousand rubles per ring.Drill hole costs about 80 thousand rubles.

Compared with the previous items of expenditure, the final arrangement of the territory is much smaller.Here include the costs of debris removal, construction and installation of fence with gates and wicket.

approximate calculations are ready, but do not hope that the practice will coincide with the theory: prices are rising, consider all possible, there is a possibility of unforeseen expenses.Practitioners recommend doubling the amount of the estimate.That is, if you have calculated that the house will cost 800 thousand, in the real world must be ready to spend for it 1.6 million. Rubles in order to avoid disappointments at some stage of construction, which means according to the estimate is not enough.