November 23, 2016 00:03

How to install an iron door himself .Installation iron door with his own hands

installation of a metal door is a difficult but doable task.There are many options for product performance.For self-assembly is to choose the door models sold in the collection: Embedded fittings, tailored fabric and made fasteners.In this case, the volume and complexity of work required will be minimal.Given the weight of the construction, the installation process is carried out by two people.

1 Remove the exact dimensions of the doorway.From these results we subtract 25-35 mm for the organization of the technological gap.Write us the right measurement 3 and go to the store.

The finished door check for compliance with the required dimensions.Now prepare the following tools to work:
  1. Drill-hammer drills with concrete;
  2. Bulgarka (you may need to parse the old door);
  3. level bubble;
  4. crowbar or a crowbar;
  5. Roulette;
  6. Hammer;
  7. Hacksaw on a tree;
  8. Keys Locksmith and nail files;
  9. wedges of wood and metal cutting;
  10. anchors 10-12 mm;
  11. polyurethane foam;
  12. grease hinges.

first dismantle the old door, sawn and take out her box.Clear the doorway of unnecessary fasteners and debris.Now put in place a new metal frame from the outside.Align it with wedges for horizontal and vertical level monitoring.

then drill to drill a hole of the desired diameter of the anchor.We start with the upper two locations, and then went down.Trying to drive fasteners with a hammer, then twirl bolts key.

lubricate hinges and hang them on the door leaf.Check the latches work, the castle and free running to the door.If necessary - to undermine the hole with a file or use shims under the hinge.

Clear the plane from the dust, the walls of the opening moistened with water.Visible the door perimeter is desirable masking tape pasted as to cleanse it from the foam will be problematic.Now the space between the frame and the wall is filled with foam.

Once the foam has dried remove all unnecessary.Work to install the front door is finished.It remains to perform the finishing slopes, but this is a topic for another council.An illustrative example of a steel door assembly is shown in the video.