November 24, 2016 00:01

How to get rid of ants at home .How to get rid of household ants

tiny ants just kind of seem harmless.Get to your house, they multiply rapidly, and soon they can be found everywhere: in the bathroom, bread bins, bed, bin.If these little red insects began to appear in a room with an enviable regularity, it is time to urgently get rid of them.After all, they carry on their feet pathogens, dirt.Get rid of ants forever - a difficult task, as the house moved only working individuals.Killing hundreds of them, you are every day faced with a new troop of ants.

With the invasion of the ants can be handled only by destroying the nest.

The surest way - to call disinfestation team.They know exactly where may be the nest, what tools to use, and produce processing all the cracks, tiles, panels, baseboards.After cleaning specialists conduct the inspection of the premises.The result of this process is almost always 100%, but expensive.

use insecticide sprays are not advisable when a large-scale propagation of ants.Get rid of them easier and faster in the initial s
tage, when they found a few individuals.In the application of aerosols must be removed from the premises of people, animals, all products bear outside the home, the dishes hide.Prior to treatment, wear gloves, a respirator.Spraying should be trails of ants, the place of their location, slit.

cope not only with the worker ants, but also with the entire colony will help insecticide gels.Insect eating the bait, did not immediately die, usually within a day.But during this time the ant time to infect the whole nest.Apply the gel to be in several steps to eliminate the uterus.Unlike aerosol insecticidal gels are safe for humans and animals.

cheaper but less effective is the use of pencils, dust.To get rid of ants enough to hold a chalk line along the baseboards, kitchen furniture.Use this method for 2-3 weeks.

Using traps - a fairly common method of getting rid of ants.But it is only effective if a container with the bait.Velcro, electric traps kill worker ants, and the uterus remains alive.When using bait the ants pass through the container, eat the poison and bring the substance of the uterus.As a result, the entire colony dies.

Public folk remedies will help get rid of "unwanted guests" forever.Mix a teaspoon of yeast, half a teaspoon of boric acid and half a cup of honey or jam.The resulting tool smudge on a flat saucer and put in a place where the most common ants.After 1-2 weeks, you will not see the insects.Another method - the use of borax and sugar.The mixture is sprinkled on the trails of ants.Corn flour ants love, but it is detrimental to their digestive system.Flour insects swells in the stomach, they are killed.

These methods are especially productive in a private home.To fight in an apartment building, you must connect as many neighbors as possible.Perhaps the ants had time to spread in their apartments.It is necessary to destroy all the nests in order to eliminate the problem completely.