November 24, 2016 00:01

How to buy an apartment inexpensively .How to buy a cheap apartment , or the agent himself

is the moment when you are a buyer noticed several apartments and are ready to call ads.But property prices a little bite, so you always want to find a good option not to overpay.To carry out the transaction on the most favorable terms, you need to know some of the subtleties of the housing market and the psychology of the seller.So, we agreed to the inspection object ...

From the very threshold of the apartment, and it is better to enter the staircase to draw attention to all the doors, walls, windows, plumbing, cleanliness, comfort, and so on.Aloud advantages not admire, even if you fall in love with living space at a glance.On the shortcomings say restraint to emphasize them, but the owner did not hurt.At the end of "demonstration" to inform the owner that have seen similar apartments in the area, and those cost a bit less, you need to think and so on.At this moment, discount is not worth asking, we just put before the fact of a person, forcing to think about the price.

A few days later appointments for negotiations.That meeting, as to discuss the details necessary personal communication.We asked a direct question about the cost, because people mentally could reduce it.The answer is the sum of a little less than that for which you are willing to buy an apartment.Of course, it is different from the stated manufacturer.It is important to not just ask or argue, and argue their position, "it was not possible to collect so much, but I'm still a little loan, plus the cost of re-registration of ...".

Now comes the time for bargaining, because once on your terms no one agrees.Originally positioned itself as a partner rather than an opponent: to actively use the pronoun "we" be friendly, match with the demeanor of the seller, the volume of his voice, body language. Then you perceive as "their own" and it will be harder to deny . In addition, it is necessary to play the shortcomings they have any real estate, whether it's inconvenient location, first / last floor, noisy neighbors, cold walls or the deplorable condition of the apartment.

If the seller does not agree, to put pressure on him is not necessary.Leave your contacts in case the owner's circumstances change.Soft completion dialogue always allow replay the situation.

Be especially vigilant with a note of immediate sale.Low price is able to bribe, but the documents of such apartments can be wrong or even fake.If you do not have experience with real estate transactions, bring a lawyer.

Inexpensive to buy an apartment can also be a bank.Almost every bank has collateral, requiring rapid implementation, including housing.After the confiscation of property from negligent borrowers financial institution to return to their important assets a certain amount, so the bankers did not chase the market price.

With the right approach to the question of buying an apartment is possible to save thousands of dollars.Competent bargaining will reduce the price by 5-12%, and the bank collateral property sold at 20-30% cheaper.If the decisive factor for you is money, not the time, necessarily will be found a suitable option, and buy such an apartment will be quite real.