November 25, 2016 00:09

The sheathe the walls inside the house .

Sheathing walls inside the house, usually have several goals - insulation, decoration and alignment.Sometimes the cladding helps to solve all these problems simultaneously.Modern technology and choice of materials in the construction market allow yourself to make repairs, even for people with little experience.

Wooden houses, especially in old houses, many experts advise to sheathe the inside plasterboard.He was equal to the curvature of the walls perfectly, thus spent a lot less effort than when leveling plaster.Plasterboard has qualities such as fire resistance, thermal and sound insulation, easy installation.In addition, between the plasterboard and the wall insulation can be laid, the necessary communications.Mounted drywall to a special profile.If the walls are smooth enough to avoid voids and reduce the size of the room, the drywall is attached to the adhesive.

For those who strive for maximum environmental friendliness, the best option would be to cladding panels made of wood.Th
e price of the material is high enough, but the duration of the operation, environmental friendliness, aesthetics and ease of installation - to justify all the expenses.Most often, the wooden battens are used in the finishing of the frame house and home from a bar.Popular pine tree species, at least - oak, ash, larch, mainly due to high prices.Mounted lining as well as plasterboard, not only on metal, wood and on the profile.

Block House - one of the types of wood paneling.This laminated material that mimics cylindered log.For interior decoration applied over a narrow block-house than for outside.To assemble the block-house has a tongue and a groove that makes it easy to mount it.And battens, and block-house, and other finishing materials from natural wood must be specially processed from moisture.

plastic lining (or PVC panels) can also be used for interior decoration.It is cheaper and more durable than wood, it does not require additional processing, easy to assemble and has a wide selection of colors.However, this material is less environmentally friendly, a vapor and combustion emits harmful impurities, so it is best to use in a commercial environment.

inexpensive, more environmentally friendly, as compared to the plastic material - wall panels are made of MDF.They are made from natural materials and can be used in the kitchen and in the living room and in the nursery.This material is easy to use, inexpensive and easy to assemble.MDF panels are not limited to design "under the tree" can be not only different colors, but also have a different texture.

waterproof plywood does not have the decorative properties.It is used for insulation and leveling walls.After the putty on it, as a rule, glue is applied to the wallpaper or paint.

should be considered when selecting the inner casing, the material from which made the house, as the appearance of the walls will be combined with the overall design.You can invite a team of designers and artists, and it is possible to think and to do everything on their own, depending on the wishes and the state purse.