November 25, 2016 00:09

How to decorate the wall paintings .

repairs in the apartment - it is not always difficult, frustrating and painful for a long time.The repairs have positive aspects.The most enjoyable and easiest step is an opportunity to give the interior a unique and individual beauty by decor ideas wall drawings.

for decorating any wall surface, and every corner of the apartment does not need special skills, and fine arts.This will require the pre-prepare the surface walls, complete all construction work.Before you start the process you need to decide what style should be executed decor, choose a picture or ornament.

To get started is to make a stencil for fast, easy and accurate application of decoration on the wall.The stencil can be made from almost all scrap materials, for example of cardboard, plastic or film.The selected image is transferred onto a sheet using a thin marker and cut out a sharp knife stationery.Stencil can be made from sheet of plain paper, paste over it shut after printing the images, so the stencil will last long

Then the stencil is attached to the selected section of the wall with adhesive tape or spray adhesive.You can also make decorations with your hands from the finished stencil, store-bought, in this case, be sure to use spray glue for fixing.Apply best an abstraction acrylic paint that dries quickly and leaves no streaks.The most convenient way to do it using a foam roller, then the consumption of the coloring composition of small, uniformly colored in a pattern.

as wall decor can be used form of butterflies or flowers, which are made of colored paper.Shapes are cut, folded in half and glued to the wall on one side, creates the effect of a live butterflies fluttering over flowers in the summer garden.

interesting interior can vary by application volume decor on the walls.With it will decorate the wall frames, and inside to attach a photo or make a ceiling frieze, visually divide the space in the room.For the application of three-dimensional image is required acrylic putty, which is distributed on a cliche special spatula.Figure stacked layers up to 3 mm thick.After solidification of abstraction stencil is removed, and it can be toned paint.

beautiful wall decor can be achieved by using different materials.By using foam or rubber rollers, which cut pattern.In conventional roll wind woolen thread, and will surround pattern.The wall can be decorated with a beautiful mural, which is made from scraps of wallpaper and painted with colorful drawings using a stencil.

Main connect creative approach and then be able to implement the most ambitious ideas for decorating the walls of your apartment.After completing the repair get a fresh and comfortable apartment that will delight for a long time.