November 28, 2016 00:10

How to grow mustard .

Mustard most associated with spicy seasoning to various dishes.However, this plant has many varieties that are used for different purposes.Therefore, to get started is to decide for what purpose you will grow mustard.If you need mustard greens as early - Grow salad or sizuyu.As a green manure white suit.For sharp and spicy flavor prized black mustard.Consider the simplest version of cultivating salad (leaf) Mustard directly in their on the windowsill.

1 Prepare the soil.The best option for the mustard will be a mixture of vermicompost and coir.Calculation of 1: 2 respectively;

mustard plant can immediately into a large container or in the small container, with subsequent transfer.As a temporary "home" of mustard to use plastic cups or peat.At the bottom of the container should be laid drainage - expanded clay layer with a thickness of 2-3 centimeters.

Mustard seeds are laid in the soil no deeper than 1.5 centimeters, previously well moistened earth.Pot cellophane desirable to hide
until the first sprouts.They usually appear 3-5 days after planting.As soon as the 3-4 leaf mustard, transplant it into a permanent container.

mustard Watering should be regularly and abundantly as drying speeds up the process of bolting plants.First green, suitable for human consumption, can be cut in 2-3 weeks.

also grown mustard "on salad" can be, and on the open ground, as the cold-resistant plant.Plant plant can begin in April, and if a film - even in March.In shallow beds (1-1.5 cm) plant seeds, well watered.

6 Do not allow excessive density of seedlings.For this mustard thinned, leaving the seedlings are 10-15 cm apart.Going green in 2-3 weeks.

Note that grow mustard salad is best in the spring, in late summer or autumn, when the temperature is not too high, otherwise the mustard goes into the arrow and leaves it get rough.But cold weather brings good mustard.Survive the plant even when the temperature is lowered to -5.