November 28, 2016 00:10

How to plant a pine tree .

Beautiful green pine on the site - what could be more beautiful!In summer it is nice to sit outside and breathe the air resinous.A pine tree in winter can be decorated with garlands and toys, to meet her near the New Year.

Pine is quite possible to grow on the site, however, for this set of rules must be followed.Pine is better not to buy in the store where they are sold in containers.Experience shows that these trees take root very badly.

It is best to plant pine very early spring as soon as the ground thaws.To green beauty certainly started on your site, seedling better dig in the woods.In the forest you must go with a compass.Mark a branch that grows in the direction of the south and, when the time comes to plant a tree in the yard, this is the branch should be directed strictly to the south, too.

In the forest you should choose small-tree height of no more than 40-50 cm. Digging sapling must be very careful not to damage the roots, at the same time try to keep them around ea
rth com.In the ground near the roots of specific live wild mushrooms, and microorganisms that are responsible for the growth of pine.If the tree to bring home without forest land, it will hurt for a long time.

pit for planting pine trees need to dig a 10 cm deep and 20 - greater than the size of earthen coma.At the bottom of the pit is necessary to lay drainage from the gravel, sand or broken bricks.Pine be placed into the prepared hole with a clod of earth, and the voids are left on the sides, a conventional land fill mixed with sand in the ratio 1/1.Seedling root collar should protrude above the ground on 10 cm

Pine -. It is a very undemanding plant and does not need dressing.The only landing in a hole, you can add a handful of nitrophosphate.It is a complete fertilizer for the young plants.After the pine will be planted, it must be very well watered.

After watering can be formed gullies fill up sand or forest land.Around planted trees is necessary to put pebbles or pieces of bark.A kind of mulch will not allow the soil to dry out quickly, and at the same time ensure the access of oxygen to the roots.Young pine trees need to be watered once a week, as long as she does not start branch growth.Then you can reduce watering.

If your site is growing at least one pine tree, then you will certainly plant a few more pieces.Fresh air, pleasant smell of pine, evergreen needles that looks great even in the hot summer, though fierce winter.