November 28, 2016 00:11

How to plant turnips .

At all times turnip was indispensable product on the table of the Russian people.Recently, it was forgotten undeservedly, although root deserves to be remembered about him.

Turnip incredibly tasty and useful.It is very large amount of carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant.In the presence of vitamin C in the turnip, it is much more useful than even orange.Grow turnips absolutely not difficult, and it is stored until spring.

The beds are prepared for turnips as well as for any root vegetables such as carrots or beets.The soil should be fertile and friable.Preferably in a bed under the turnips make humus - per 1 square meter will need a bucket of humus.Better to do it in the fall when digging the ground.In the spring on the finished loosening the ridges need to make furrows, the distance between them should be at least 20 cm of turnip seeds are very small, so before planting they should be mixed with dry sand -. It will be easier to sow them.If turnips will be grown to eat it straight
from the garden, then it should be sown from 1 to 5 May.If you want to save it until spring, the sowing should be much later - from 1 to 10 July.

Watering flower bed with the future of the turnips should be very shallow watering as long as these do not grow more leaves.As the turnip requires a good watering, and water can already require 5-6 liters per square meter.When will grow 2-3 leaves, the seedlings should be thinned out, leaving the strongest.The distance between plants 10-15 cm. Watering turnips should be 1-2 times a week, depending on the weather.Between waterings when the land will dry up, turnips should regularly loosened to the beds not formed dry earthen crust.

To the young shoots are not destroyed excavation cruciferous flea beetles, until two or three leaves of these beds with turnips can hide a film stretched over a special arc.If this is not possible, then the young seedlings must be processed sifted wood ashes or dry mustard.Turnips should be a time to feed organic fertilizer, such as "fertility" or other complex - they should be watered flower bed at the beginning of the formation of roots.

When turnip diameter reaches 4-5 cm, it can already try.Sweet, juicy and very tasty.It can be eaten raw in salads and can be put out with sour cream, bake in the oven, or add to a vegetable stew.

If you are a proud owner of the land, do not be lazy - plant turnips.Now is the time, when you can buy the seeds, and then in the summer you try to root, which is so fond of our grandmother.