November 28, 2016 00:11

How to set eyelets on curtains .

Thinking interior of the apartment, it is necessary to pay special attention to detail, in particular, eyelets on the curtains.After all of the fine detail develops a harmonious way and cozy atmosphere of the house.

Eyelets can be metal or plastic, round or intricate shapes, colored, transparent or painted wood, and they are different in diameter.Eyelets should be chosen to match the eave or curtains.To the curtain can be moved freely, the inner diameter of the grommet must be greater than the pipe diameter of 2 cm. The number of eyelets is necessary to take even.

To curtains folds looked beautiful, the distance between the eyelets shall amount to about 18 cm. Can be a little less or more, but not less than 15 cm or more 22 cm.

Attach eyelets need to interlining - lyuversnuyu tape.If you do not strengthen the top of the curtains, the fabric will hang out of the grommet.Lyuversnaya tape should be greater than the diameter of the grommet 2 cm. The strip to be glued with the treate
d iron butt seam at the top edge of the curtains.

necessary to iron curtains and evenly spread out.Take one grommet and attach it to the edge of the fabric, making sure that there is sufficient distance from the top and from the side seams, or it will not be covered because of the large thickness of the fabric.Mark the center of the grommet with a pencil.The same is done on the other side curtains.The distance from the top left, you must comply with clearly for each grommet.

Then you need to measure the distance between the centers of eyelets which made the mark.Divide the distance by the number of eyelets, minus 1. Locations to install all the other eyelet in the same note in pencil.

Locate the grommet so that the point was in the center, and cut around the inside of it.Similar actions make all the marked locations.Cut holes with scissors or a special punch, departing from the marking 1-1.5 cm.

Put half grommet from the inside and the front side of the fabric, put them into place.

can handle the upper part of the curtain cloth of another color.This is a way out, if there is no proper height.