November 28, 2016 00:11

How to plant carrots.

Carrots - a valuable vegetable in our diet.It is rich in carotene, vitamins B, C, E, PP, it contains calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium salts.Grow this wonderful vegetable can be at their summer cottage.

Select plot carrot flower bed.For a good crop requires loose soil with a small amount of sand.Flower bed dug a future, it is desirable in the autumn and in the spring do not need to - carrot loves precipitated soil.Carrots are planted after parsley, as are ground pests susceptible to which carrots.

Dates of sowing seeds of carrots depends on the variety.Early-maturing varieties sown 15-20 April of mid - late April - early May, varieties for winter storage - in early June.Some gardeners early varieties of carrots are sown in the autumn to get the early spring harvest.

seeds for sowing prepare in advance.First, they hold two hours of room temperature water.After that, lay on a damp cloth and cover with a damp cloth, too, keep at room temperature.Make s
ure that the fabric is not completely dried up, moisten it in a timely manner.When the seeds swell and slightly hatch, they must harden for 10 days at a temperature of + 3 + 5 ° C, for example in a refrigerator.

in the garden lay the furrows at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other and the depth of 2-2.5 cm and seal them.It is convenient to use a stick, shovel handle.Then pour the furrows and the seeds will land at a distance of about 1.5 cm. To sow the seeds sprinkle the ground and gently press down.

first watering should be plentiful.When the first shoots, reduce watering to twice a week.Focus on the weather, do not allow any overflow or drying out the land.From an overabundance of moisture core carrots grow too large, or even tuber rots, and in the dry soil the roots will grow without adequate juiciness.

regularly loosened the earth up to 4-5 cm in depth between the rows, so that moisture does not stagnate.Simultaneously remove weeds.When the first leaves thin out seedlings, leaving between 3 cm. When the carrots will release a few leaves, thin out again, leaving 5-6 cm between shoots.Loosening and thinning can be done easily after watering.

main enemy of the carrot - carrot fly, which attracted peculiar smell carrots.After thinning seal the flower bed around each bush to avoid falling into the earth of this pest.The smell of onions well repels carrot flies, put it on the edges of the beds.

for feeding nitrogen fertilizer use.For the first time make fertilizer two weeks prior to planting, after sprouting carrots advisable to fertilize twice a month.

performing these simple recommendations to the fall you get a great harvest.After all, the most delicious and wholesome carrots is that grown personally with love and care.