November 29, 2016 00:12

How to make a greenhouse .

Greenhouse for cottages and summer residents - a thing indispensable and very useful: it can be planted seedlings, greens in the cold season, heat and moisture-loving plants are not maturing in the normal conditions.Construction companies offer ready-made frames for greenhouses, but they are good money.And if you have spare time, tools and skilled hands this simple design can build themselves.

1 Determine where the greenhouse location - it should be well-lit lot, not shaded by trees or buildings.In addition, you must ensure that the greenhouse will be protected against flooding and strong winds.

necessary to immediately consider the future of the greenhouse heating system.If you plan to heat the greenhouse electricity, then it is placed close to the source.Electric cables are placed either directly on the floor, and the top covered with earth, or a drawer under the ground for plants.In this land of heat as quickly dries up, so keep an eye on the humidity should be particularly careful.Anot
her option of heating - biofuels, for example, the usual manure, which is placed in the bottom of the greenhouse beds on straw bedding, and fall asleep on top fertile soil.

is also necessary to consider water a greenhouse if you are going to lay the pipes from water wells or running water, then contemplate it so that the pipes do not peremerzla during the cold season.This can be done in several ways.For example, to lay pipes below the freezing depths of the earth.Or wrap the tube a special cable, which is heated at low temperatures.

Decide what material you will make the greenhouse: wood, plastic, metal.Most often, an independent production of greenhouses used tree - this is one of the most accessible material that is easily processed.Also popular among gardeners frame stationary or portable greenhouses, the most common of them - the tunnel.This arc-shaped frame with a stretched film or special cloth to keep warm.Another simple form of greenhouses is a large wooden box with high sides, which closes the top film Agrotex or glass frames.

If you feel the strength to make a stationary greenhouse - remember that it is necessary for the daily care and little ventilation, so that it is more appropriate not to cottagers and residents of private homes.First, shoot a foundation for the greenhouse, set inside the greenhouse beds, conduct electricity and water.

Build a greenhouse frame - made of wood or metal.Draft projects can be downloaded from the Internet, or make your own.Paint the frame of a water-repellent paint.Next, attach the cover greenhouse - it can be a film or fabric, the increasing popularity begins to gain a material such as polycarbonate.Its leaves can be cut at your size when you buy or do it yourself.

At the final stage make biofuels, soil, plant seeds, and get ready to wait for the harvest.Do not forget the timely watering, fertilizing plants and compulsory airing the greenhouse, the plants did not burn.