November 29, 2016 00:12

How to deal with the Colorado potato beetle .

«Guest» of the US state of Colorado - the same bug, despite its small size, has long been a storm gardeners.Get rid of the Colorado potato beetle chemical poisons - a more expensive.The same poison, we will take the food when treated dig potatoes from your own backyard or suburban area.So let's deal with striped bug "non-GMO."Assistants in the fight against Colorado potato beetle around rife.They simply "to know in person."

decoction of the leaves of poplar.Putting half a bucket of tree leaves, fill with water up to the top and boil for half an hour.Then insist broth for 4-5 days.Filter and treat with the spray the affected bushes and beetle larvae.Doing this, however, you need more than one day, but several, repeating the procedure after 3-5 days.Spray preferably in the morning, after the dew has dried, or in the evening - before it appears.3 weeks before harvest treatment should be discontinued.

nettle infusion.Gather up a bucket of this plant, chop and add water.Infuse vehicle durin
g the day.Then strain, dilute with water in a ratio of 1:10 and spray from a spray of potato bushes in the same way as the broth of poplar leaves.

drop of nicotine kills not only the horse ... not tolerate tobacco and Colorado beetles.Grass infusion of tobacco prepared for the recipe: 500 grams of stems and roots of the plant is filled with water (10 liters).Infuse for three days, then strain, add 50 grams of soap, pour into a spray bottle and spray the bushes.

rotting smell of onion peel categorical rejection striped beetle!Therefore, before planting potatoes in each well, add a little onion "clothes."Colorado bypass these shrubs side.

The same principle is valid pine sawdust, they also added in the hole before planting.

powerful tool in the fight against beetle pest - wood ash.While planting each well to be treated ash.And as soon as the bush grows up, his spray infusion of ash, which is prepared as follows: 2 kg of ash is added to 10 liters of water.The mixture is mixed and diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10.

also resourceful gardeners have come up with several ways to "cheat" the Colorado potato beetle.For example, use the cans to the bottom of which the potato slices are stacked.The banks are displayed on the site and cleared of pests daily.

peeling potatoes do not rush to throw away.They can be divided into small heaps and put on the site, where it grows potatoes.Bait will attract beetles, then you need to pour a bunch of kerosene and burn.

not like beetles and Colorado unpleasant neighborhood with some plants.For example, with beans.When planting potatoes in each well throw on a pair of bean.And scare the beetles and collect double harvest.

«spoil the appetite" Colorado beetles and plants will be planted between the rows - calendula, marigolds, garlic, cilantro, dill.

main thing in the fight against Colorado potato beetle remember that the extermination of bugs is not effective if you do not deal with the larvae.And destroying beetles offspring common ash, which can be sprinkled on the affected leaves.