November 29, 2016 00:13

How to create a decorative garden.

times when gardens were planted only in order to feed his family are long gone.Now many people are paying attention not only to the functionality of your garden plot, but its aesthetic appearance.Create a decorative garden in the country is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Preparation must begin with drawing up a clear plan.To do this, draw a suburban area and show imagination on paper.It is necessary to consider the form of beds: square, round, diamond-shaped.Arrange a bed on the plane.Followed determine the style and landing to pick up the plant, including considering their height.If the plot is almost flat, will look good low-growing plants, turning into high.In every part of the garden need to grow cultures with similar needs watering.You can put some plants in pots, they will be nice to look at different levels.Design should be done accordingly plot plan.

functional solution will be fine track of cobblestones, tiles, pebbles or gravel.They divide land into separa
te sections - it will be very look beautiful.The edges of the beds complete the pillow of sand and gravel.Walking along the paths made from treated lumber, or wood, it will be convenient while caring for the beds.Between the sections can be made of flexible braided fence aspen twigs, interwoven pegs.To fence for a long time served, on the inside it must be closed with polyethylene.

for decorative garden is necessary to choose the green, which will be beneficial to look throughout the summer season.Looks beautiful plants such as coriander, basil, parsley, lemon balm.Good Neighbors of green cabbage, peppers, squash.In one section can be placed in groups vegetables.The main rule - do not sit next to not get along with each other plants: carrots - fennel, cabbage - parsley, cucumbers - fragrant grass.Beautifully looked beds, decorated with flowers.For climbing plants, such as cucumbers, beans, suitable wood or metal stairs.Curly on such constructions culture look very aesthetically pleasing.

4 Separate beds from each other can be stones, combining the parsley and strawberries, lettuce and broccoli.The classic version of the decorative garden plant requires a major, attracting the attention from all sides, so they should be planted symmetrically.When selecting plants for planting on the ornamental garden in the foreground is not yield, and beauty.its whole structure must be harmonious.

working on the creation of a decorative vegetable garden, you can perfectly combine business with pleasure.It should only be able to dream and not to be afraid of innovation and experimentation.