September 22, 2016 23:07

How to replenish webmoney via sms .Transfer to the phone via WebMoney

There are many ways to fill up your personal account WebMoney: bank transfer, from the payment terminal, WebMoney card or bank card Visa or MasterCard.But the most convenient option - to transfer money from mobile phone accounts via SMS-messages.This can be done without leaving the house, next to the screen of your computer.On your mobile account should have enough funds to be credited.

1 Go to the main page, you will be greeted with a plate called "Add."Select the link "All deposit."

On the new page, you will see the option "With mobile phone bills."Underneath there is a choice of WMR currency (the Russian ruble) and WMU (UAH).Click on the appropriate option.

further serves to link any cell phone bill with WMID, WebMoney or fill up any room right now.In the first case, the mobile operator will send a special SMS or USSD-request (depends on the operator) to the specified number with further payment instructions.

In the second case, you will have access
to the page on which you want to specify the WMR-purse, mobile phone and the amount to the account (10-5000 rubles).The handset comes with a corresponding SMS verification code.This service is available only for subscribers of MTS, Beeline, Megafon and Baikalwestcom.Commission ranges from 5.9 to 10.8%.

If you are unable to replenish WebMoney from the official website or operator is not listed, a plurality of third-party services offer this service.The procedure is similar.the enrollment rate of funds depends on the site.But the commission of such payments may reach 50%, and not all sites accrue money in good faith.It does not hurt to read reviews about the company, check the certificate of WebMoney.It must be at least personal.The most proven and reliable is by far the site

Replenish WebMoney account via SMS is very user-friendly.No need to leave the house and go to the nearest branch of the bank or payment terminal.Transfer of money to the purse is made instantly.However, a significant disadvantage of this procedure is the high commission charged by telephone operators.For you there is a choice in favor of convenience or economy.