September 22, 2016 23:07

How to check the authenticity of the dollar .How to distinguish real from fake US dollar

To determine the authenticity of dollars in the bank, using special detectors with infrared and magnetic radiation.But what about the normal average person, if he has to use a foreign currency?In the back is now a large number of counterfeit banknotes, so would not want to learn how to distinguish the original from a fake.

First note that dollar bills there are only worth $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50 and $ 100.Do not believe, if you will prove the opposite and offer bill of $ 500 or $ 1,000, explaining that they are simply less likely to fall into the turnover, why people are so few of them heard.

size of each dollar bill exactly 66.6 mm to 156.4 mm.You can be sure that the dollars of a different size do not exist.

Dollars are made of linen and cotton.Therefore, the bill rough to the touch and look like a solid fabric.

Images on dollar bills do not fade, do not spread from falling into the water and do not fade from the sun.If after you are very portrait of the bill,
the paint will start to crumble - you can be sure you have in the hands of the counterfeit money.

Depending on what angle you look at the bill, the color of the lower-denomination numerals will be poured from green to black.

you definitely can not hurt to remember which of the bills shows that a president because fraudsters like paint on extra zeros.
  • $ 1 - George Washington;
  • $ 2 - Thomas Jefferson;
  • $ 5 - Abraham Lincoln;
  • $ 10 - Alexander Hamilton;
  • $ 20 - Andrew Jackson;
  • $ 50 - Willis Grant;
  • $ 100 - Benjamin Franklin.

Near necessarily present a portrait watermark in the form of a copy of the image.This sign is seen in transmission from either denomination her.Also make sure that the bill next to the portrait there is a thin protective plastic strip that is placed within the bill and can be seen only in the light.

8 characters of the serial number must be clear, smooth and uniform size.Contact the dollar side has a bright green color, and frame pattern on both sides of the solid and clearly traced.

If you have a magnifying glass, then consider the bill under her coat lapel president.In it there is an inscription «The United States of America».In addition, the portrait has microprinting «USA» denominated notes (for example, it would be «USA 5" is displayed for five dollars).

At first glance it may seem that distinguish the fake from the original very difficult.But if you carefully read the instructions, then, with practice, you will be able to determine the authenticity of the bills for a few seconds.