October 02, 2016 23:00

How to Remove Kiwi purse .You can delete your account What method QIWI

Before QIWI- remove a purse, take into account that removing, you can no longer use the number listed in the Kiwi-terminals.

To remove QIWI-purse should contact the customer support system.To do this, go to "My Account» QIWI.In the top menu, right click on the link "Help", then booted the page "Contacting support."

We make a request as follows: of the three proposed points set "Security".In the "Subject treatment" at the end of the line, click on the down arrow and select from the dropdown list select "Delete my account".Fill out all the fields and their data, click on the "Submit" button.

The system will tell you the answer you will send to the specified e-mail.

Go to your email account, open the received letter.This message was sent automatically by the system QIWI.Now we have to wait until the helpdesk Kiwi will process your request and send a response.

A few days later the administration QIWI system will respond by e-mail, that for security purposes you wil
l need to send a scan of your passport and the contract for the SIM card, which can be received in the office of the mobile operator.If the information to disclose, you do not want to answer them by e-mail as follows: "This information is not required when registering, I would not want the Internet to send my personal data, but I'm ready to (a) to answer any verification questions regarding my QIWI-koshelka ".

Usually in this case the support team, please send them to the last letter, say, 6 operations carried out in the Kiwi system.To find this information, go to "My Account" on the site Kiwi in the top menu, select "History" on the page "Reports" on the left, specify the period.Copy the data from recent operations and send e-mail support.After that, in less than a day to go to "My Account" using the old number, you can not.

As can be seen from these instructions, delete qiwi-purse is not so much difficult as tedious and long.The days of waiting for a response from the customer service is unlikely anyone will like.But if you have come to the conclusion about the need to remove the account from the Kiwi system, bring the matter to an end.And remember: you do not have to report your personal information to anyone, and offers an alternative to not succumb to the entreaties.