October 02, 2016 23:00

How to get a microloan without failure .How to get a microloan without failure .Article about what to avoid if you want to get a microloan without failure .

When the urgent need to get a certain amount of money you can use the microloan.This service provides many participants lending market.However, as with any loan, you may well come to failure in the provision of services.

Coming to the reception to the credit expert, you have to look presentable and match the story that will tell the employee of the credit institution.That is an old tracksuit and sneakers - a few clothes for improper office worker with a salary of 70 thousand.If you are not confident that you can win the trust of the lender, you can try to get a term loan through the internet.Thus, you can avoid the external evaluation, and if you have good credit history, get a loan for the required amount without any problems.

When applying for a loan you need to convince the lender of your ability to pay.You must either provide help with the work about your salary, or specify other sources of income - tuition, private practice.Suit also evidence of possession by you of any property -
real estate, vehicle, land.But if you are a long time not working and you have no other source of income, you are denied a loan because you just do not from what it will extinguish.

Age also affects the positive decision of the credit card company - the least likely to get a loan from students and pensioners.Some organizations do not implicitly gives credit to people whose age does not suit them for any parameters associated primarily with the presence of a source of steady income.In addition, organizations often require a guarantee, so try to bring in as guarantors of people who definitely will cause the trust of the employee credit department.

Sum of microcredit can be high - up to 100 thousand rubles.Therefore, if you need more money, should contact the bank.If you need a small amount, then enter the amount in the statement of a little more than required actually.Note that the amount transferred to the card, can be a maximum of 20-30 thousand.When issuing the arms can be counted in the amount of from 30 to 100 thousand rubles.

making an application for microloans is to hedge against possible failure - for example, to submit several applications to different lenders.In this case, if you have multiple positive solutions, you choose the most convenient and economical.It is important that the price and terms were combined the most successful way.Get the cheapest credit - always on the right solution.For example, there can be pitfalls in the form of inability to repay the loan ahead of schedule or other creditors tricks.

There are situations in which you do not get a loan under any circumstances: fraud with credit or bad credit history, criminal record, or being under investigation, the account in psihodispansere, military service, for utilities debts, taxes, penalties.In this case, you need only to ask the other person to take the credit, if the above circumstances do not confuse him.

only reliable information will be provided with the application for registration of microcredit, as when checking everything will be clarified, and the confidence of the financial institution, you lose, and you will be denied service.