October 02, 2016 23:00

How to get a loan from the Bank of Moscow.The process of obtaining credit in the Bank of Moscow

OJSC "Bank of Moscow" has offices in every region of the Russian Federation.The Bank is a leader in providing financial services to both legal entities and individuals."Bank of Moscow" on advantageous terms offers design students and payroll loans to customers for any needs.

required to fill an application for registration of the credit.This can be done in any branch of the bank or not leaving the house to issue online.Include contact and personal data, place of work and the level of earnings.The next time the bank employee is associated with a potential client and the bank's decision.Regular customers Bank verdict immediately.As a result of receiving a positive response, you can receive a loan within 30 days.

in the department of the bank will need to provide a Russian passport and another document on the selection: a passport, driver's license, proof of income or the availability of bank deposits.Students in high school should have a student card."Useful information" - depending on the
amount of the loan is issued, the list of documents can vary, you can check on the bank's website in more detail in the section "Credit Cards".

After reviewing your application and provide the necessary documents issued loans for 15 minutes.On the basis of the borrower signed the contract receives cash, it is also possible to make money on a credit card, which is issued free of charge.

loan is issued for a period of 6 months to 5 years.The maximum amount of 3 mln. Rub.Depending on the interest rate that is calculated.Pre can independently calculate the bank's website.

5 Get a loan can be Russian citizens, who at the time of filing of the application is already 21 years of age, and age at maturity the final payment should be no more than 70 years.At the request of the borrower's possible to register the card to pay for goods and services on the Internet.

For students studying in higher educational institutions, a special offer.The minimum amount is 10 thousand. Rub.Provided a grace period up to 50 days, if within a month to use the funds and repay them within 20 days, the interest is not accrued.When a loan is possible to connect free sms alerts service for mobile phone and always be up to date on the status of an account or of any changes.

active users of bank credit cards provide "low percentage".When applying for a loan at this rate is possible to get two free cards for family members, and discounts of up to 15% in the bank's partner stores.The undoubted advantage is discounted fares for residents of the capital and the region.

Making loan, every borrower will be able to choose suitable conditions for it.All necessary information can be found on the website of "Bank of Moscow" or by phone around the clock.