October 02, 2016 23:00

How to calculate the interest on the refinancing rate .How to calculate the amount of which depends on the rate of refinancing

Often, reading the text of a treaty, we meet with the notion of "refinancing rate."Basically, it is used as a factor for calculating the fines and penalties for late payment of the debt.We will understand that this really is and how to calculate interest on the refinancing rate.

refinancing rate, in fact, is the interest rate at which the Central Bank lends to other banks.We as individuals, in addition to the above example, faced with the refinancing rate in the following cases:
  • If you have a contribution to the bank if the annual percentage of more than the refinancing rate of at least 5 points to give on deposit income will need to pay the state personal income tax.
  • in the loan agreement may be an item on savings on interest on the loan.To calculate the amount to which you want to pay personal income tax, the amount of income multiply by 2/3 between the refinancing rate and loan interest.
  • If the overdue payment of taxes and fees, for each day of delay will have to pay a penalty rate of
    1/300 of the refinancing rate.

So, to calculate the interest rate on this, you must know exactly three parameters: the refinancing rate, current at the moment;the exact number of days past due;the amount of debt.The value of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank is constantly updated on the website.Keep in mind that the key rate and the refinancing rate - two different things!Scroll down to scroll down and open the "reference: the refinancing rate."

refinancing rate - is the percentage for the year, so to calculate the value of our view on the following algorithm:
  1. value refinancing rate divided by the number of days in a year.
  2. The result is multiplied by the number of overdue days.
  3. total value is multiplied by the amount of debt.

Consider the calculation of a specific example.In July 2014 the refinancing rate of 8.25%.Let's say we were late 500 rubles for 20 calendar days.Getting to the calculation:
  1. 8,25% / 365 days = 0.0226% - a percentage for 1 day of delay.
  2. 0,0226% * 20 days = 0.452% - this percentage is 20 days overdue.
  3. 0,452% * 500 = 2.26 rubles ruble - penalties for being overdue pay 500 rubles for 20 days.

Now, knowing the algorithm for calculating the interest rate of refinancing, you will be able to calculate the amount of the fine for the outstanding debt on time.