October 02, 2016 23:00

How to cash Kiwi money.How to withdraw money from QIWI- purse

More and more people are discovering QIWI-purse to carry out various kinds of operations.In addition to the payment of various payments, remittances, there is a possibility of cashing money QIWI-purse.This does not take much time.

1 To start, go to the website and enter the QIWI-purse.Select function "Print".The system will offer several options to withdraw funds, select the most appropriate:
  • to a bank account;
  • a bank card;
  • through money transfer system;
  • on tied to the QIWI-purse card VISA.

To withdraw funds to a bank card, select the appropriate button.In the window that appears, enter a credit card number.This operation is performed on the card Maestro or Mastercard, decorated in all banks of the country, on the VISA card which was issued by banks not only in Russia but also in the banks of the near abroad.It also shows the main restrictions and conditions for the provision of this service.The period of processing applications from 1 to 5 days.

If necessary, the withdra
wal to a bank account, select from a wide list of the bank, whose client you are.Specify the type of account, contract number or card, type of operation, the required amount.Read the terms, timing and size of the commission and confirm the withdrawal of funds by clicking «Pay» .

The site offers several money transfer options: Unistream, Anelik, CONTACT, Western Union.By choosing one of the options, you need to fill in some information: method of payment, amount of transfer, the country of the recipient, the sender's name, recipient's name, a comment.The most popular service is a money transfer CONTACT, becausework with him almost all the banks, and the money will be available within 10-15 minutes after sending.

By QIWI-purse can be tied a plastic card VISA.This option has many advantages, among which: the absence of the service charge, the opportunity to make payments anywhere with VISA cards, account management through the site, the possibility of free replenishment and cash withdrawals at ATMs around the world.

Any of these methods is quite simple, but it takes some time to process the application.Selecting the option to withdraw funds from QIWI-purse depends on user preferences and capabilities.