How to obtain the map of Sberbank .What documents are required to obtain the card of Sberbank of Russia

plastic cards Sberbank easy to use thanks to the fact that the bank's branches are located throughout Russia.Sometimes you need to get a map of the Savings Bank for the transfer of benefits, salary or pension.

Savings Bank offers to its customers various types of plastic cards.Sberbank-Maestro and Sberbank-Visa Electro - free maps which are obtained on the same day.With these cards you can pay for purchases in stores and over the Internet.There are cards for students and social - for the transfer of pensions and benefits.Cards Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard serviced not only in Russia but also abroad.Sberbank also produces preferred maps and special - Aeroflot and the Golden Mask.Maps have different annual fee, depending on their functional characteristics.

Get the card at any branch of Sberbank, if you are 18 years old.To do this, you need to provide a passport and a bank employee to write a statement.In addition, the application can be submitted through the Savings Bank's website, and then get a card in the room.Cards are issued on the territory of Russia, regardless of the place of registration.

Term issuing the card depends on its type.You can get a card in the treatment time or within 10 days after treatment.Activate it on the day after the issuance.

If you lose the card or PIN, surname or change the expiration of validity period must apply for its reissue.The application for the issuance of cards issued in the department at the place of conducting your account.Re-issued card can be obtained in another city or outside Russia.

For Savings Bank credit card is necessary to prepare a passport, certificate of income and a copy of your employment record.Then fill in the form at the branch.For two days, the bank will inform you of its decision regarding the issuance of the card.If approved you will wait from 3 to 14 days.This time is necessary for the production of cards.When the card is ready, the bank's employees will tell you about it.You can get the card and PIN in person at a bank branch.Can activate the card as well the next day.

Production of plastic cards Savings Bank does not take much time.Get the card can every adult citizen of Russia, by choosing the appropriate type for it.