October 08, 2016 23:04

How to calculate the interest payable .How to calculate the percentage of the amount.

Often, the amount of any payment is not specified as a fixed value of it, and as a percentage of wages, or the value of goods, for which you must pay (eg, borrow).If you are a PC user, you will not be difficult for you to calculate the percentage payable.

Make the program Excel spreadsheet.Obzovu cell thus:
  • Cell A1 - the initial amount;
  • cell B1 - amount of interest;
  • cell C1 - the amount to be paid as a percentage.

In cell C2 fill the formula: = A2 * B2 / 100 - this is done in the formula bar.

Now fill in cell A2, the amount of which will be considered as a percentage, and in cell B2 - a fixed percentage.The C2 cell will automatically amount that must be paid.

If the amount to be paid as a percentage of the salary of her relationship required to count a few months in a row, then move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the cell C2, the cursor changes to a small cross.Now, pull it down into as many lines, how many months it will be necessary to calculate the
payment.Each subsequent month you will only need to fill cells A2, A3, etc.and B2, B3, etc.The cells will need to fill out only if the percentage will vary on a monthly basis.If the percentage is fixed, it is enough to make it once in B1, and then copied to other cells B.

If you do not "be friends" with the computer, all calculations can be done using a standard calculator.The sum of your salary, for example, 30 000, divide by 100 and multiply by the percentage specified in the contract, for example, 20. As a result, will receive 6000 rubles.This will be the amount that must be paid.

We have reviewed the most common method of calculating the interest payable.If you need a certain amount calculated in this way, to pay to the bank under the contract, it is in person to the loan officer that he considered the estimated more accurately.The agreement provides also for certain percentages of service and other additional fees.