October 16, 2016 23:06

How to determine the maximum amount of the loan .

Often there are situations when urgently needed money, but they are not.In this case, people have resorted to the fact that they take money on credit.But no one bank can not take the maximum amount possible only on the basis of the client's desires.Different banks have different criteria for determining the maximum amount of money issued by the credit.

analyzing the borrower, banks, first of all, find out the financial possibilities of the client.Research work is subject to monthly and human cost, the presence of family, education, work experience, etc.And, of course, all banks, without exception, should provide information on the credit history of the borrower.Thus, analysts of financial institutions set conditional "cost of living", and based on these data, the conclusion of the loan amount.

2 Maximum loan amount is calculated, taking into account how much you want to take the money and at what interest rate.The more time and interest, the greater the amount you can count on.For example,
if you take out a loan for 5 years, while the interest rate is 25%, the maximum possible amount of the loan is 720 000 rubles.

number of banks uses a special formula for calculating the solvency of the client.Last provides help form 2-PIT, where there is information on the cash income for the last six months.An employee of the bank deducts this amount separate payments - taxes, child support, payments on loans to other banks, etc.The amount that is divisible by 6 months, and thus it is possible to conclude that the solvency of the borrower.

maximum allowable amount, which includes mortgage payments, calculated as follows: The JEM * = K * m.Where m - the is the period for which the loan is given in months.It follows that the maximum loan amount TFR = V / (1 + Cm / 100 * m / 12), where C - is the interest rate on the loan.

With regard to the maximum amount the bank sets for the monthly repayment of the loan, here as well there are several ways to calculate.For example, employees of the financial institution studied the cost of living in the region.If he, for example, equal to 5000 rubles, for a family of 4 people will need 20,000 rubles a month.Thus, the remaining 15,000 - the maximum amount of the payment on the loan, which can afford the family.

If, however the customer has an interest in a loan and its amount, but there is no opportunity to go to different banks and count it, you can take advantage of special online resources.Credit calculator on the Internet quickly solve this problem and help count the size of the loan.But we should remember that this calculation is an approximation.