October 19, 2016 23:03

How do I remove a credit history .

conditions of modern life make many people at least once to take advantage of consumer credit.Making out a loan, people are confident that it will cope with the timely payment, but sometimes circumstances can change, which is why there are delays of monthly payments and sometimes the loan is not paid at all.Therefore, banks have come to a decision on the establishment of the National Bureau of Credit Histories, where there are white and black lists, which entered conscientious payers and non-payers.But this does not mean that the person in black NBCH list can not be re-take the credit in the bank.When a failure occurs in one bank to another, many are thinking how to remove credit history.

deal with data entity, arrange the loan, start up with his personal consent and can be transferred only with the written confirmation.Case NBCH stored in 15, then it is automatically deleted.This is the easiest way to remove a credit history.

Each client has the right not to sign the agreement on the vi
ew credit history when files an application for registration of another loan.Such banks approve an application only in 15% of cases and issue loans at very high interest rates for a minimum period.But it can help to correct credit history.

to improve credit history, you can take a small amount, such as 15-20 thousand. Rub.After the repayment, you have the opportunity to take a loan to have a large amount, for example, 30-40 thousand. Rub.Having paid this loan, you can take another loan to an even higher amount.Gradually, your credit history will improve over time, you can ask the bank the required amount.

Sometimes there are situations that the client owes the bank a small amount.This can happen due to the fact that the amount of the last payment of the previous loan was incorrectly calculated.It is enough to pay off this debt, and without problems the bank will issue you a credit.

5 If you are sure that there are no arrears in payment of loan you have not, then you can request your credit history from the National Bureau of Credit Histories.You will receive an extract from the business, where you can check the data and find out the wrong information.If your credit history is incorrect, you need to write a statement indicating the incorrect information, a request to assure a notary, and mail or carry personally NBCH.The Bureau requested the Bank to your credit history again.If it would be wrong again, you should go to court and bring the bank to account.If you can prove that you have a credit history unreasonable spoiled NBCH bank or remove it.

You can terminate the contract on the storage of your personal data.To do this, you need to write a statement to the court, referring to Art.9 FZ «On personal data".The article stated that the use of the information without the owner's consent is unacceptable.

the Internet scammers offering for a fee to remove the damaged credit history.Fully remove the credit history can only Office employee who has access to this information.Another way to remove the radical history - change the passport data, including the names and place of residence.However, banks and NBCH often able to keep track of such frauds.